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Guest post by Becky W.The United States

The United States of America is a beautiful country. It is full of fascinating things to see and do. Every corner of the land abounds with opportunities for adventure and excitement. Here are the top activities that everyone should do at least one time in the United States.

See a Broadway Show

Everyone should visit the Big Apple at some point, and there is no finer activity in New York than taking in a Broadway show. The excitement of the crowd and the excellence of the performers make this one of the most desirable activities to experience in the country. There are lots of great Broadway shows from which to choose, including classics like “Phantom of the Opera” and newer hits like “The Lion King.” Get some Broadway tickets and check this item off of your bucket list.

Attend a Sporting Event

No country on the planet loves their sports as much as the United States. There are more professional sports leagues here than any other place on Earth. Whatever kinds of sporting event fans are in the mood for, they can find it somewhere in the country. There is soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey and many more. Get some St Louis Rams tickets, Los Angeles Lakers tickets or New York Yankees tickets and enjoy the game.

Explore Yosemite National Park

One of the best parts about the United States is that it is full of the most amazing national parks. Anywhere someone is at in the country, they are within a short trip to a national park. However, some national parks are more spectacular than others, and no national park is as spectacular as Yosemite National Park. Visitors should take a trip here to see the mighty splendor in this phenomenal park. There are lots of great activities to do in the park like rock climbing, hiking, camping and bike riding. Best of all, visitors can visit Yosemite National Park for free.

See the Sights in Washington, DC

The capital of the United States is full of some of the most impressive monuments found anywhere in the world. Visitors should take the time to explore all the famous monuments found here. Some of the most impressive include the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the US Capitol Building and the White House. While in Washington, visitors should also take the time to explore the Smithsonian Institution, which is a collection of some of the best museums in the world.

Try Lady Luck Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

The US is a country built on the backs of fortune seekers. They came to the land of opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of their descendants. Celebrate this fact by trying out your luck in Las Vegas. Everyone should be able to experience the bright, neon lights of Sin City at least once in their lives. If at all possible, try to arrive in as Vegas at night. Driving in or flying over the Strip at night is a magical experience that will never be forgotten.


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  1. I love Washington DC. This history behind it, the structures and the museums. It’s a gorgeous place to go.

    • I would love to go see it.. also want to see yosemite national park.. I haven’t been anywhere.. so many things to do… :)

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