Valentines Day…Means What to you?

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I want to wish everyone, who isn’t bothered by Valentines Day. a Happy Valentines Day.  I think we all have a different out look on this particular holiday.  So I’m hoping you will share some thoughts with me and my other readers.

I was talking to Carl last night and he says guys just fret it and have to remember to do something special and are happy when its over.   I cracked up.  Guys is it really that big a deal? If you are just doing it because you have to why do you feed into it at all?Image of a chocolate heart

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I enjoy Valentines day but not all the commercial bologna behind it. I don’t care if you get me a card or flowers or anything really. I gratefully accept chocolate but that’s year round.  No need to wait for a specified day for that!

I say cut the crap, No jewelry, no expensive gifts, just some love and of course the ever important chocolate! ( I will share it tho)   A hug, A kiss, a bit of chocolate is good for me. 

Ladies, what is it you expect or want from your guy on Valentines Day? (Keep it clean)

Gentlemen, what is it you expect or want on Valentines day? (Keep it clean) 

Hope to hear from you soon!! ♥ 


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2 Responses

  1. Pamela Morse

    My guy is a full time supporter, and we have specific tastes. He brought home a huge load of tangelos and I am enjoying juice this morning. I expect a surprise and he is one.

    • Sounds great Pamela… We are waiting till tomorrow as I am broke unable to even get him a tangelo and I want to do something minor for him.. so tomorrow is Valentines day for us.. Not a huge deal but a bit of love goes a long way. ;)

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