Those Bipolar Anxiety Moments

I recently decided to start looking for a home, well a mobile home. I cannot in anyway afford a true house so this is another option and we have a really nice park in town that I know people who live in and are happy there.

My father will help me with a down payment and I might be able to save as much as 500.00 a month cartoon image of woman in bed unable to sleep with anxietywith this move and be out of apartments. Here I was super excited about the prospect of it all and I picked up some flyer’s and needed to call.. Well a week went by and I just couldn’t call.  I know nothing about purchasing a home of any form and my anxiety took over.

My boyfriend asked me if I had made any calls and I explained to him, in tears, that I couldn’t get past the anxiety and make the calls. He said, ” I will call for you, I will come over tomorrow and we will call.” and he did just that.. What a great guy.  Thank you Carl.

We looked at this one unit that was beautiful. Fully renovated all new appliances and 3 bedrooms in a terrific park. This park is run strictly and kept very clean. There are kids and a great pool but things are orderly and kept nice. It is the premier park in our area.

I was so nervous going to look at the place and of course Carl went with me. I walked in and fell in love with it. It’s beautiful and not like most mobile homes you would imagine. The kids could have their own room and I wouldn’t have anyone above me walking around like elephants at 11pm every night. I am sure that with out Carl helping me I would not have been able to make this contact. The anxiety I have is such a strong force that holds me back from things I have never experienced I try so hard to over come it but in this case it won.

Do you have any anxiety like this or do you know any one who does?? How do you get past it or do you? I am blessed to have good people in my life that help me past this issue, but there are times I miss out on things because of it. Leave me a comment…

Much Love


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  1. Shauna, your new purchase will be a “true home” whether it be a mobile home, condo, duplex, or detached house. YOU will make it your home. Regarding anxiety, Chloe Rothschild is a wonderful writer who has autism and experiences self-regulation issues and anxiety. She provided a list of strategies that work for her. Maybe one of these may work for you. Best of luck.

    • Hi Danette, Thank you so much for the information.. I will go check out what you have suggested. I am pretty excited about the prospect of getting out of this apartment complex I am in. Rent in our area has gotten out of control and this is not the nicest complex and my rent is going up again.. I cant wait to have a home no matter what form it is.. The park it is in is a premier family park in our area so Im sure we will be happy there.. :) I so appreciate your dropping by and taking the time to offer some help with the link you left..

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