Trip to the Lab with my Teen.

I have to share this experience with you for several reasons. First it was kind of funny, second I want to help others understand anxiety and the power it has over your mind and body.

Here it is more than a month after the doctor ordered blood work for my 16 year old.  Keep in mind she has a terrible panic/anxiety issue where doctors, hospitals, labs or any kind of x-ray or test are concerned. Her experiences with hospitals and people who could not put in an IV started when she was 3 yrs old.  She was hospitalized for a urinary tract infection. Long story!  Needless to say I took her to the hospital the doctor told me to take her to when I should have taken her to Children’s Hospital.  Anyway, at that time it was discovered that she has a kidney re-flux problem. The tests were invasive and traumatizing and were done annually for several years, until we couldn’t get her through it any longer. She has never been able to get her blood drawn without a full panic attack.

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