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“12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Free Blogger Opp!”

Attention all Bloggers! A great Christmas Giveaway to be part of for free! Come sign up and enjoy the 12 days of Christmas! 

 Welcome to the “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways 2012”!


12 Days of Christmas Giveaways 2012 is hosted by A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass. This is the third year that this event is running, and with each passing year it just gets bigger and bigger! This is a fun holiday event that can be joined in by many bloggers in a couple different ways. Create a post promoting this event and get a free Facebook or Twitter link!

How the event works…

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iPod Touch Giveaway Blogger Opportunity!

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First link choice is free, Facebook or Twitter, with announcement post. (it doesn’t have to be long, just short and sweet) Extra Links are $2.00 each. This is going to be a huge event. Pink items are always the first to sell out. I have already pre-ordered it.
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Glass Handbags Luxury Bags

I am super excited once again to be part of this giveaway being hosted by my friend at couponfreestuff. A glass handbag, who doesn’t like luxury bags??  I like them but have never owned one. Here is your chance to own a great luxury handbag.  See the review below and enter to win using the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends 08/31/12 so don’t delay! 

The Review by CouponFreeStuff:
For me, as a woman, there is nothing more exciting or exhilarating than owning and carrying a beautiful, luxury handbag.  I have had a long love affair with handbags and if someone had asked me which of my many bags were my favorite, I probably could not have picked just one.  But that was before I was introduced to Glass Handbags Luxury Bags.
Founded in 2010, Glass Handbags offers some of the most beautiful bags my designer, bag loving eyes have ever seen.  What makes these bags so unique is the integrated lighting system that creates not only function but an elegant style as well. The built-in panel light is there for you as soon as you open the bag. I know I have been out a million times and tried to find something in my bag where the lighting was less than desirable.  I would always get frustrated because I knew the item I was looking for was in there somewhere, I just could not see it.  I no longer have that problem with Glass Handbags. Their patent pending handbags are handmade by skilled craftsmen in three different expert areas:
Leather, Hardware and electronics.  What other handbag can say that?  

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A Great Outdoor Space Giveaway, Patio Set worth 1599.00

Welcome to the GREAT OUTDOOR SPACE Giveaway brought to you by and Adventures of My Family of 8!
I am so excited to be part of this giveaway and offer you all a chance to win this beautiful patio set worth $1599.00.  Who couldn’t use a patio set? I know I could. Don’t delay get entered to win now! 
You don’t want to miss this awesome giveaway sponsored by! They are giving away a patio furniture bundle worth $1,599.00 which includes a 3 piece Resin Wicker Sofa Set!!! Can

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Coola Mineral Face Sunscreen


Welcome to the Coola sunscreen giveaway! This is another great opportunity offered by She has kindly offered to allow me to take part in this giveaway and offer it to you all.  This looks like a great product so thought it would be fun to be part of the giveaway. This particular blogger has really opened her helpful toolbox for me and I just want you all to know what a great person she is, she has helped me out in so many occasions I can’t thank her enough!!


Coola offers a myriad of products from lotions to sprays and just for baby items that are SPF 50 and water resistant for 80 minutes and as my little one loves water, this is perfect for him.  You can find mineral products with a matte finish, classic formulas both scented and not, lip protection and so much more.

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Bullies are Human too

cartoon image of cyber bullying

I know most of us don’t want to hear that bullies are human. I fully understand why we don’t want to hear it, my daughter was bullying for years until I involved the school and took control. Bullies tend to be people with no empathy for others and they need to be taught empathy. The problem is getting parents to help and admit the issue.

I came across this website and blog post tonight on twitter and I feel you ALL need to read this post. She talks about how bullies are human and what we can do to help them to learn empathy and stop the bullying of others.

There are several good links within her article and I am asking you click the link below and read this post about bullies:

About Bullies: Bullies Are Humans Too!

It is compassion and caring like this that will change the terrible situation of bullying.  I hope you enjoy this site and please let me know what you think of it..

Go share your love with someone, even if it is just a passing smile to a stranger on the street!!





InfraShine #Giveaway

I am super excited to be part of this giveaway! It is being hosted by my good friend over at Coupon Free Stuff . You can enter right here on my blog by using the rafflecopter form at the end of this post.. Best of luck to you all!! 


I have always enjoyed curling, straightening, and blow drying my hair.  I know it sounds weird as most women look at this as a necessary evil. Even though I enjoy this task, it isn’t always without it’s pitfalls.  Use the wrong styling tool and your Do can become a Don’t!!   I have used many tools on my hair over the years ( too many to keep track of) and the outcome has sometimes been less than desirable.  

Some curling irons and dryers can do more damage to your hair than than create a great hairstyle.  I have used irons that have scorched my hair and dryers that have left my hair full of static.  But those days are over thanks to Infrashine products .  I was absolutely thrilled to try the Infrashine ceramic spring 1″ curling iron.


Splash into Summer $250 PayPal #Giveaway

I have joined this giveaway that is hosted on Like A Bump on a Blog, by my friend Amberr Meadows. She has allowed me to carry this on my blog to offer you all a chance to win a great prize. Who doesn’t love cash?? Good luck to everyone!!! 

What a great way to start out the summer… Thanks Amberr Meadows!

To kick off the summer, I’ve decided to give my readers a chance to win $250 PayPal cash to make their summer a little brighter. To be eligible for the grand prize of $250 PayPal Cash, you must be active on Facebook and Twitter and complete all steps on the rafflecopter. Any missed steps will disqualify you from the running. Sorry for those that might be excluded, but there will be future giveaways without those…

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Seneca Farms Oatmeal & Fruit Review and Giveaway

I was awarded the opportunity to review Seneca Farms Oatmeal and Fruit in Apple Cinnamon and Vanilla Peach flavors.

Image of Seneca Farms Oatmeal and Fruit

I loved them, the apple was a bit tart in flavor and at first I wasn’t sure about it but in taking the second bite I really

liked it.  I expected it to be overly sweet and it is not, which I like.  The Vanilla Peach flavor was equally as good.

Image Seneca Farms Oatmeal and Fruit

What is this you say?  It is oatmeal and fruit in a cup similar to what you find applesauce in just a bit bigger (6oz).  It is a one serving cup, packed with vitamin C, fruit and thick cut oats. There are bits of fruit mixed in it as well, and the fruit was crisp giving it some different texture than standard oatmeal.  Very nice!
This is very convenient packaging you simply heat and eat.  First you lift the plastic covering a bit to vent the cup and you microwave it for 45 seconds. Be careful as the cup is pretty warm. Then you stir it and eat, it’s that simple.

At first when you remove it from the microwave it isn’t looking too appetizing so before you give it to the kids stir it up as it looks much better once stirred.  You will need to give it a good stir though. This oatmeal also sustained me till later in the afternoon, kept me going all morning so it would be great for the kids before school.

I will definitely be purchasing this item for my house as quick in the morning is best. We are always rushing. You will find it in most grocery stores but you can also go to to find a full list of stores that carry it.

Here is the contact information for Seneca Farms:

The nice people at Seneca Farms are offering these two cup packages of each of the above flavors to 1 of my readers so we are going to hold a giveaway.  There will be one winner and it will run from April 23,2012 to May 4,2012 starting and ending at 12:01 Am

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Share Has a New Mobile App..

Hello everyone!!Smile1

Image of Logo

Visit Our Website!! Click the photo!

Hope your day is treating you right! I am just advising you all that our website,,  has a new mobile app. You can see our feeds and information on this application so go here to get it now!  

Sonya is the creator of the application, so thank you to our dear Sonya! She was  thinking it would be nice to have a way to see our face book and twitter feeds, not to speak of the Community Blog and (Shauna’s blog) while we are out and about. This way you don’t miss anything!   You can contact us there as well so give it a try and leave me a comment as to what you think. 

Constructive criticism is welcomed at all times, just be gentle with us.. LOL   

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float with the mermaids…

I met Pamela and Miriam this month at La Costa. They are awesome women and I think Mermaids in the Desert is a great idea. Join them and you too will get to meet these lovely women, they may just change your life! I am honored to call them my friends!

Please go here to see the post from Miriam Gomberg’s blog.. I believe you will enjoy it!


Re-post: Echoes

I just wanted to bring your attention to our Websites Blog, Community Blog.  There Sonya, our founder, has been attending Bruce Sallan’s Twitter Party #DadChat. This occurs on Thursdays from 6-7 pm PST, and is great for all parents, Dads and Moms alike. He likes to stir up a bit of fun so you should all go check it out.  

Sonya Attends weekly at this point and that is an accomplishment since 6-7 pm PST is 2am her time.  Thank you Sonya for your dedication to furthering the site and helping others.  

Anyway she posted a great blog about the #DadChat Twitter Party and I would love to see you all go check it out.. Click here to see the blog. 

Thank you all for your support and encouragement over the past few months, you have been great to us!


Bipolar Life, Good Days? or Bad Days?

Just thought I should write a bit about how things are going for me at this time. As far as how I am feeling inside. 

Today feels like another good day. I hope I don’t eat those words later in the day! :)  We are all going to Carl’s house for dinner he is cooking for us.. Can’t wait. He is so cute, my youngest said to him when are you going to cook for us again I want your mashed potatoes and salad, that was over the weekend.  So last night when I went to leave his house he said. “hey do you all want to come for dinner tomorrow? Jessi said she wanted mashed potatoes and salad, so I thought tomorrow would be a good day.”  I said, “of course!”  He is a thoughtful guy. 

I have something to look forward to next week too. I am meeting two women I met on Twitter, Miriam and Pamela, as they are coming to town.  I’m super excited can’t wait to meet them. Miriam and I have the Bipolar children in common and her son’s name is Sam and my diagnosed daughter is named Samantha. We cracked up that they were both Sams as I call Samantha, Sami! Small world I’m telling you.  Pamela is just a super woman and I really have enjoyed our interactions, she is fun!  So looking forward to that next week. 

So I guess I should get to the real reason I’m writing this post.  I am feeling pretty good now.  

a peaceful pic of the sunset over the water


My mind has finally slowed down and my irritation level is lower than it has been, I’m still not organized but I think that’s just part of the illness.  I can only organize my thoughts so far then off they go. :)  I do not have the swirling tornado inside me now so that is a big relief.  My mother is moving three hours away so she won’t have any power to mess up any relationships and I can get a little distance without hurting her feelings. Big Relief! :)

I really am enjoying my time with the kids and with Carl. Next month we are going to visit his parents with him for a weekend, usually he goes alone but I am excited to be going with him and so are the kids. He is such a loving man, thoughtful and sensitive, it’s awesome. 

All in all I am doing well!! Now that might change later today or tomorrow or next week or a month I don’t know honestly but I can enjoy this time while it lasts.

I  want you all to know your support and kind words have really touched me and helped me to feel better, Thank You all! 

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.
~Doug Firebaugh

Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.
~Chinese Proverb

Image: prozac1 /


Raising Confident Daughters??

I have come across an article that may be interesting to those of you who are raising daughters.  I wish I had read this article when my kids were younger, they could both use a dose of confidence… 

Please go check out the article, I would love a comment about what you thought.

Raising Confident Daughters:Q&A With Barb Steinberg  By MARGARITA TARTAKOVSKY, MS

Article via

I hope you find this article helpful and informative..

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”  ~Lucille Ball~


Special Thanks..

I am so honored by this post and I must share it with you, along with his blog.  Paul and I met on twitter and he became part of our site as a member and has posted funny pics and such in the forum.  They are great you should go see them… Hilarious!  He also has a blog and as I found out he has two blogs.  For now I will tell you about the one, it’s called It’s a Ride… it’s on my blog roll and has been for a while now.  I am waiting for permission to share the other one.

This is his post he did today and I just had to share it with you all.


Leave him a comment and let him know you came by.. have a look around his site and enjoy what you see.

Thank you…

I just went to our forum and looked at the recent funnies that Paul has posted.. Here is the link go check them out… Click here


Complain, Complain Complain… Thankful!

Do you ever feel like you get in a rut and negativity starts to poke its ugly head out and influence your life?  I know I do and I’m here to say it’s not staying for long!  A positive thought process has taken me a long way over the last few years so I’m not letting ugly negativity visit my life for an extended period! 

Sun Breaking thru the clouds  I have thought lately and I feel like I have just been  complaining.  I am having a hard time now but Life is  good at  the same time.   

 I have had so many people support me that I have just met on  twitter, Facebook, Our Mom Spot, A Band of Wives, other  bloggers and so many more, too many to mention… I am  thankful for the much-needed kind words and encouragement from you all.  I certainly have many things to be happy about and I want you all to know that I appreciate your support and kind words and funny interactions! 

The comments that have been left for me on my posts have meant a lot to me.  You are all encouraging, thoughtful and can really boost someone up.  Simply knowing I’m not alone or semi understood brings a bit of peace to my sometimes crazy whirlwind mind.   

The blogs and websites that I have been shown by you all have been very inspiring and I might say eye-opening.  I have family that is there for me , my girls are the light of my life and lets not forget that special guy in my life Carl but this online world means a lot to me too.   

I have a blog roll running of the sites I enjoy, you should go take a look at them.  I do have some to add just have to get organized.. ha ha ha Good luck with that right.. LOL 

I am kept very busy at the site im partnering with Sonya on, it’s called and I don’t get to spend as much time on a lot of these sites I enjoy so much.  It’s nice to know that you are all there and just a click away if I’m  looking for inspiration or advice.  I have really enjoyed the new friends I have made on twitter. 

Our site is a friendship, support, informational site/forum meant to be a safe haven to share your views/opinions  and for those of us that need help with the difficult days life can bring.  We do not pretend to be doctors, just caring people there to lend a hand.  I would love you to visit and register to be part of our Dream. 

I don’t mean to be corny but I love you all… There is a special spot in my heart for you!