School starting, Bone Spurs and Moving

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Yep that’s right school, Bone Spurs and Moving is most of what is going on right now. This bipolar brain is not doing well with the bone spurs in BOTH my ankles. My feet are swelling, when I get up in the morning I can barely walk due to the pain in my ankles at the Achilles tendon area and we are moving mid September.

School has started for my youngest, she loves it but I am not happy about her Algebra class and the way they are choosing to teach it or not teach it depending on how you look at it. It is what they are calling a Flipped Classroom. Meaning the teacher is not teaching them in the class the kids are watching lessons online at home to learn and doing homework in the class. If you are thinking anything like I was it was “wtf?”  I send the kid to school to be taught not expecting her to teach herself at home via the one computer we have. Do I have a choice though?  Nope, there is no other class it is this or change schools. She is in 8th grade and I find it really unfair they would do this with no notice to the parents and with no other option, but whatever we are stuck with it.  They won’t like me and my bipolar mind visiting them if her grade drops this year. :)

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My Researching is Wearing Me Out

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Tired, Tired, Tired…

Let me tell you all that Im exhausted, due to the research I have been doing on Clairsentient and Empathy/Energetically sensitive people… I am not fully aware of why but I am worn out, I had a great 2 hour conversation with my lovely friend Pamela today, and about 20 min after the call I was exhausted inside and out.

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Educational Insights Giveaway

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Do You Speak Respectfully?..

This morning my daughter and I were talking about her school and her counselor. She has a counselor on school grounds as part of a new program to help kids get counseling that can’t afford it. Anyway, she said the counselor made a statement to her, this is what she said,” I have worked with other Bipolars.” That kind of rubbed my daughter wrong.

Then She told me about her teacher Mr Knopp. This teacher is teaching the disabled kids in her school and she took his class as an elective to work with the disabled kids. He was talking to them yesterday telling them that you don’t refer to people as their disability, that you always say person first with what ever disability they have. He explained that people are not defined by their disability, that is Steve who has down syndrome. Not that is down syndrome Steve!

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Bullying by a Teacher

This is a story Submitted to by a member of our site!  I am hoping we can support her in her cause. 

Why This Is Important

I would like to bring to your attention an incident that took place at Gray’s Creek Middle School on October 17, 2011.

My son, Dawson Gibbs was assaulted in his gym class by his teacher, Mrs Dawn A Hoyt.  Apparently there was a kickball game in progress and my son was in line to kick the ball, Mrs Hoyt stated that she thought Dawson had already kicked and instructed him to move to the back of the line.  Dawson either did not hear the guidance, which I believe to be the case as his hearing is sub-par, or he ignored her.  Mrs Hoyt then approached Dawson and gave the instruction again in which case he complied.

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Continued: Anxiety and Trouble at School

Well If you have read my other two posts My Daughter and Anxiety and Continued Anxiety and my Daughter you have an idea of how much anxiety my youngest has dealt with, well here is an update! 

Today I called the school at 7am to see if I could set up to where I would be at the meeting Jessica had to have with the Vice Principle at school.  I just wanted to be there to support her and her anxiety about it was so bad that she was making herself ill again.  Never been in trouble at school and had no idea what would happen! 

We met him at 7:40 10 min before school was to start and he wanted the teacher to be there as well. We talked about it all and I explained it wasnt the teachers fault but Jessi had admitted to cheating when she swears she wasnt.  I understand she has to be treated like she is guilty as she said she was.. :(  Well we waited, and waited but the teacher never came to the meeting.  Jessi has math assessment tests today and that was her first period class so now she is late for that class.  Her math teacher called while we were meeting to tell Jessi that she can stay in her class during science to finish the testing if need be. Which is good because that’s the class where she is being punished for Cheating on a test. 

Once she relaxed the Vice Principle and I decided we would not wait any longer and he walked her to class.  Jessi had relaxed and I think the anxiety for today might have passed. Yay!! :)  I came home and went a step further.  I decided I may have mishandled the conversation with her teacher. I upset her and couldn’t shake that feeling so I typed up  a nice email explaining and apologizing for mishandling our conversation and sent it to the teacher.  

I do still believe Jessi didn’t cheat on the test (she did cheat on the homework tho) but really we will never know! I’m OK with that as I think this anxiety she has is a good sign.  She has a conscience and she will not do wrong again with her work. We all make mistakes and I believe she has learned from this experience!  

So here I am reading a website called and laughing as my stress level so needs to decrease! I’m exhausted!! lol  :)  Hope you all have a great weekend and a nice holiday coming up! 


Continued… Anxiety and My Daughter…

Today was a hard day for my youngest daughter and me.  She went back to school after being out for three full days and promptly got another talking to by her teacher.  It seems that her teacher decided she cheated on a test, not hard to understand how, but when she questioned Jessi about it she panicked and told the teacher she was the one who cheated.  The minute the teacher confronted her with the accusation she began a full-blown panic attack.  Yep full-blown panic attack. 

Jessi managed to sit through the rest of the class but by the time she got to her next class she was visible sick.  She was pale, having a hard time breathing and visibly upset.  She was scared and her next teacher noticed she didn’t look good and sent her to the nurse’s office.  The nurse knew she had been out of school 3 days this week and allowed Jessi to call me.  I thought maybe she just  needed to eat something so I took her some peanut butter crackers.  She ate one but she was visible ill so I talked to her about what was wrong.  I told her I thought she was having anxiety and I needed to know what was wrong but she insisted nothing was wrong.  So I took her home. We talked a lot but she insisted she had no idea why she was so panicked and upset.

Then about 20 minutes after we were home she says to me, “mom I think I may know whats wrong.” I said, “OK honey, what is it?”  She proceeds to tell me that her teacher accused her of cheating on a test and that she didn’t cheat, but she told the teacher it was her that cheated. Not sure why because she insists she didn’t cheat on the test.  She admits to cheating on the homework but swears she didn’t cheat on the test.  

So I called the teacher to discuss it, after Jessi told me that the teacher told her she didn’t believe she was sick and she is not dumb she knows why Jessi hasn’t been at school .  That was not a good thing  as that made me angry. This child has thrown up off and on for 3 days, who is this teacher to say she wasn’t sick without talking to me.  So basically that’s what I told the teacher.  Of course she swears she would never say that to her and began to cry.  I thought are you kidding me!  The teacher goes on and on refusing to let me talk and bawling and then tells me its her birthday and she was having a good day until now.  Guilt trip anyone! ugh!

So I told her Jessi and I wanted  to meet with her to clear the air because Jessi is really upset about facing her again.  So I wanted to meet with her in the morning but she can’t do that, Jessi is going to have to find a way through her day. :(  I hope she makes it!!

I ended up hanging up the phone completely upset and confused about what to believe.  My daughter has lied before but this teacher has a reputation for not being very nice. Jessi and I talked a lot today and she is insistent she didn’t cheat on the test, she was copying homework but didn’t cheat on the test.  Since Jessi has been accused and admitted to cheating on the test she has to meet with the vice principal and is really freaked out about meeting with him. The world of the unknown is very scary for someone with anxiety!  I will have to let you all know what happens next.. Stay Tuned!  :)


My Daughter and Anxiety…

Have you ever wondered, is my child really sick or do they have a serious case of anxiety?  

That is a question I have asked myself since my youngest daughter’s teacher called me today.  She believes that since my daughter received a Step on her Step Card for copying Math homework off a friend, that her anxiety is making her sick to her stomach.  My daughter has missed school this entire week due to a sick stomach.  She has actually been throwing up semi regularly for those three days.  Yesterday, she was fine all day and then when she ate dinner at her dads she got sick and came home early.  Her dad says to me that he isn’t sure she got sick at all and that she mentioned me picking her up by 2nd period today from school and when she got home she promptly asked me about that.  I told her we would see. 

Well this morning her very nice Math teacher called to discuss the incident on Friday with the copying of Math homework and punishment she received that  my daughter is scared to go back to school. She thinks the anxiety of it might make her ill.  A big bright light bulb went off in my head and I realized she is probably right. So my daughter just got up at 9:30 am and I have to talk to her about it. 

It’s this type of thing that makes me worry fully about her mental state. She takes meds for depression and it has helped her tremendously. I think this just shows her mental stability a bit is  questionable.  Not that kids don’t make themselves sick worrying about things but this has gone on since Sunday afternoon, it is now Wednesday! 

I’m not saying she needs more medication but it really tells me a lot about how her mind works. I need help her through this and recognize when she is torturing herself over nothing. We must really pay attention to the cues our kids give us even tho some of them are subtle. 

So off I go to talk to her and reassure her everything is fine at school, her teachers understand we all make mistakes and simply want her to learn from it!  Wish me luck!! :)