A Bipolar Mind is Having a Hard Time Adjusting


A Bipolar Mind and the heat, along with adjustment

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“Adjusting to what?” You Say. Moving to a new home! Ever since we moved two weeks ago I wake up several times a night for no apparent reason, just to look down the hallway. Did I think this would happen?  Yep sure did.  Did I expect it to continue for 2 weeks or more? Nope sure didn’t.

So my already sluggish mind over all the stress in finding a place and buying it is now exhausted, worn out and ready for some good sleep. I truly thought I would be sleeping by now, the kids have slept like logs ever since we moved in but not me.

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Bipolar Mind… Foggy, Hazy but Clearing

Hey everyone.  Just another update on my Bipolar Mind and Depression.  I am still not sleeping well but resting more than I was, my mind is still foggy but it is getting better so I hope in a week or two I will be back to a livable level of depression.  :)

When I get like this it is like living in a dream or a fog! I can’t keep thoughts in my

Trees in the Fog, Much like my mind!
My mind is in a fog!

head and I lose my words when attempting to have a conversation. It is frustrating for me and those around me and if someone interrupts me I lose all train of thought and have absolutely no idea what we were talking about.  I can type out thoughts but I can’t speak them well.  It is like my brain and my mouth are completely out of sync!

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