Fight Depression with Delicious, Healthy Foods

This is a guest post from Cindy Johnson. She writes a blog at She was kind enough to offer a post on Fighting Depression with healthy foods. I thought this was a great idea and a great fit for my blog, so you will find her post below: 

Fight Depression with Delicious, Healthy Foods Image of a healthy meal, Grilled Fish and vegetables

By Cindy Johnson

Depression is virtually unknown in some countries and a growing concern in others, including the US. Can bad diets be the cause? Some scientists say yes. Small changes to your diet can make a huge difference in controlling mood disorders.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in any given year nearly 7% of the adult population in the US suffers from serious depression, and almost 17% are treated for depression at some point in their lives. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to mood disorders as well, and depression often starts early. But a growing body of scientific research points to some simple diet changes that can help stave off depression and help you or your teen maintain an even keel.

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