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I am pleased to be sharing with you a post off a friends blog. Bob Brotchie is a Counsellor in the UK and has a great practice and an awesome blog. Check out his site here and enjoy his post below. 


Guest Post ~ Author Bob Brotchie

Written on 10/26/12

After all, you are good enough! Do you really know that though? Have you granted yourself permission to really, truly believe in you?

Many people have something in them that is waiting to ‘be discovered’ and are sadly held back for any number of reasons

Negative or prohibitive self-judgemental chat is easy to find in most of us. Sometimes you can consciously hear the throwaway remark passed many years ago, and it rings in your ears! However, it is just as powerful when we are unable to ‘hear’ them!



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Holy cow! I was just reminded by a very dear friend, Sonya over at, that this week the 27th of September is officially Bipolar2Happiness’ 1 year Blogoversary. You should go check out her post on the LeanOnUs blog.

What a great year it has been. I have met a ton of awesome amazing new friends. I have received support to a level I never could have imagined. I am truly blessed by everyone who has visited my blog. There have been ups and downs and some really quiet times for me, especially lately, but every interaction I have with my new friends brings meaning to my life.

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Those Bipolar Anxiety Moments

I recently decided to start looking for a home, well a mobile home. I cannot in anyway afford a true house so this is another option and we have a really nice park in town that I know people who live in and are happy there.

My father will help me with a down payment and I might be able to save as much as 500.00 a month cartoon image of woman in bed unable to sleep with anxietywith this move and be out of apartments. Here I was super excited about the prospect of it all and I picked up some flyer’s and needed to call.. Well a week went by and I just couldn’t call.  I know nothing about purchasing a home of any form and my anxiety took over.

My boyfriend asked me if I had made any calls and I explained to him, in tears, that I couldn’t get past the anxiety and make the calls. He said, ” I will call for you, I will come over tomorrow and we will call.” and he did just that.. What a great guy.  Thank you Carl.

We looked at this one unit that was beautiful. Fully renovated all new appliances and 3 bedrooms in a terrific park. This park is run strictly and kept very clean. There are kids and a great pool but things are orderly and kept nice. It is the premier park in our area.

I was so nervous going to look at the place and of course Carl went with me. I walked in and fell in love with it. It’s beautiful and not like most mobile homes you would imagine. The kids could have their own room and I wouldn’t have anyone above me walking around like elephants at 11pm every night. I am sure that with out Carl helping me I would not have been able to make this contact. The anxiety I have is such a strong force that holds me back from things I have never experienced I try so hard to over come it but in this case it won.

Do you have any anxiety like this or do you know any one who does?? How do you get past it or do you? I am blessed to have good people in my life that help me past this issue, but there are times I miss out on things because of it. Leave me a comment…

Much Love



My Birthday and Mother’s Day… How Do I Feel?

This weekend was my 43rd birthday and the following day was Image of tulips beautiful Mother’s Day! Two very special days in a row for me. This year is probably the best one I have ever had. I am blessed by the people in my life.

I have great friends who gave me a nice party and dinner, Carl took me to a special dinner of Lobster, shrimp and Scallops, my dad took us all out to dinner, my girls spent the entire weekend with me, my youngest did all the dishes and wiped all the counters down in the kitchen and helped to clean up the house, I got terrific gifts… All my online blogging buddies and friends were very sweet to me with all the good wishes. I can’t believe how many terrific caring people I have in my life.

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Update on the New Neighbor…

Hi everyone! I’m sure you remember me sharing that I have a new neighbor that is super friendly but I had a feeling he had some troubles and in talking to him he does and was fearing he may be Bipolar or have a mental illness of some form.Image of a Boy Blowing Bubble

We have talked a lot and he has shared a very troubling life. He has been through a lot from a young age and honestly I told him he may just have a lot of baggage he needs to deal with and therapy would likely help him. He is waiting for his insurance from his new job to kick in then he says he will go for help once again. He has seen doctors and therapist before but has not had insurance for a while.

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Reaching Out, Taking Chances…

I want to share a recent experience I have had, with a new neighbor! First, I must explain that I have had some problems with people here and really haven’t been friendly with anyone since moving in almost 2 years ago! The apartments are set up to where you see each other all the time but still no real interaction until now. :)

Over this past weekend a new person moved into the apartment directly next door to me. Our doors actually open up into each other so you can’t come and go at the same time. Sometimes its comical, especially when your neighbors aren’t friendly.  I went to leave the other day and bumped into my new neighbor.  He is a single dad with two girls and a very friendly person.  I immediately got the feeling he was having a hard time emotionally. I didn’t say anything at that time just introduced Carl and ran out! Image of a hand shake on a new day

The next day he came by and said Hi and we were talking a bit and it came out that he was having a hard time. I asked him if he wanted to come in and chat but he didn.t want to at that time and said he would explain another time why.  We talked a bit more at the door but something really made me want to reach out to him, but I didn’t want to push. I made it clear to him that I was around if he needed anything. 

The next day he pops up again and we got to chatting and he kinda spilled some stuff about having concerns that he might be bipolar.  Of course before he said that I had told him I didn’t work and he asked why and being me I told him the truth.  He said he was really interested in talking more about it but I had to leave so I talked with him for a bit and then I had to run off.  I really get the feeling he needs some support, just friendly support.  

I really took a chance telling a brand new neighbor about my illness but I dont keep it quiet. If I did I would be making the stigma that surrounds mental illness worse so I take these chances and times like these it pays off.  I really do want to help people understand mental illness and help them be brave enough to get real help. This man is worried about his mental status and has lost many jobs over his mood swings etc.  He needs someone to talk to about this to help him sort things out and I think that fate put him next door to me so I could help him out.  

We talked a bit again tonight and he wants to talk more another time so I just told him anytime he wants to chat to knock on the door or if its open to call in to me.  He said you might be the best person for me right now! I’m not sure I agree but I can listen and tell him what I have been through.

It is sometimes frightening to take that type of chance but if we continue to hide our illness and allow people to shame us the stigma will never change.  We must be brave and confident in the decisions to reach out to people!! 

Now go reach out to someone, even if it is just a friendly hello it might change their entire day! 


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More Versatile Blogger Awards…

Wow! I have been honored with this award several times over!  I am so appreciative that I am thought of by these great bloggers in this way. I simply started blogging as a way to get my story out about mental illness and help reduce the stigma, but I have been received so well, encouraged and supported by so many of you out there that I have been truly touched by the kindness.  Then on top of it I have received many nominations for the versatile blogger award and one for the Liebster Blog award.

Here I am again, receiving a very thoughtful nomination for Versatile blogger by a terrific person with a lovely blog,  AllAboutLemon.  I have received this several times and was in the midst of well Life’s  BS and moving my blog and making changes in my life and I failed to post about it.  No excuses I failed to get it done not much more I can say.  I am making a list of the blogs that have given me this award and I hope you will ALL go check them out and follow them.

Blogs that nominated me for Versatile blogger award

  1. AllAboutLemon
  2. MyLifeInPills
  3. SeasonsChangeandChange
  4. WhatJeanLikes
  5. hyperSensationalism 
  6. HalfwayBetweenTheGutterAndTheStars
The Rules are as follows for this award: 
  1. Post a picture of the award.
  2. Thank the award giver.
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers about this and tell them by leaving comments on their blog.

7 Random Facts about Me: 

  1. I wear almost no shoes but Flip flops. Casual girl! :)
  2. I love to read but can’t concentrate long enough to do it.
  3. My hair is brown.
  4. My toenails are usually painted Pink. Deep pink!
  5. Random Sounds annoy me! Can completely change my mood.
  6. I don’t wear earrings even though my ears are pierced.
  7. I have a giant clock on my wall that is an hour off as I haven’t changed it.

My 15 nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award:

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These blogs are blogs I enjoy and I feel they are worthy of this award. I hope some of you enjoy them as much as I do, so go check them out and follow them!! 

Once again, Thank you to the several bloggers who have honored me with this award!! Your support and kindness has truly touched my life!

Just sharing a quote!

Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do. ~Orison Swett Marden


I have a question for my followers…

I will be moving my blog from to in the next day or so.. I wanted to do this move so I could do more with the blog and possibly try to earn a bit to help me and the kids. There will also be a cost in the blog now as I will have to pay for hosting but it’s the only way I have any freedom with it.

I really have received a lot of support from you all and I wanted to ask YOU what you thought of me adding a bit of ads and doing posts on products or reviews? I really do want to know what you think. If it would put you out or get under your skin at all.  I will keep my normal content as well and hopefully get better at blogging as time goes on!

Please leave me a comment, I am sincere about wanting to know what you think.

Thank you for all your support!



My Very First Blog Award :)

I am truly Honored to receive this award from Michael he is one of my followers and an awesome blogger. His blog is Have A Dream. This Blog is inspirational and a positive place to spend some time! Micheal is a nice guy! Everyone should go check it out.

Liebster is German for ‘beloved’.  The rules are as follows, If you receive the award, not only do you have the, “less than 200 followers,” but you should have more. Once you have received this award you should link back to the person who nominated you and you pass this on to 5 other bloggers of your choice, that qualify. Let them know you nominated them by leaving a comment on their blog. :)

I am nominating the following blogs:

  • Bipolargirl82
  • HelpMeToGetRidofAnxiety

Once again, I am very appreciative for this nomination of the Liebster Blog Award!  I appreciate all the support from everyone! Thank you :)