Bullies are Human too

cartoon image of cyber bullying

I know most of us don’t want to hear that bullies are human. I fully understand why we don’t want to hear it, my daughter was bullying for years until I involved the school and took control. Bullies tend to be people with no empathy for others and they need to be taught empathy. The problem is getting parents to help and admit the issue.

I came across this website and blog post tonight on twitter and I feel you ALL need to read this post. She talks about how bullies are human and what we can do to help them to learn empathy and stop the bullying of others.

There are several good links within her article and I am asking you click the link below and read this post about bullies:

About Bullies: Bullies Are Humans Too!

It is compassion and caring like this that will change the terrible situation of bullying.  I hope you enjoy this site and please let me know what you think of it..

Go share your love with someone, even if it is just a passing smile to a stranger on the street!!





Purpose and Karma, Clairsentient post 7

Image of cartoon girls in yoga position

Have you ever Wondered what your Purpose is on this earth?

This section I am reading through and reporting on from The Clairsentient Body website is about Understanding Purpose and Karma. This is from bashi ¬†December 2004 according to the site. I have always fully believed in both Purpose and Karma so I find this subject extra interesting…

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