Renovations That Add Or Subtract From Home Value

Guest post by Becky W.


As a homeowner you no doubt take pride in your home. You may complete needed repairs and maintenance, as well as make improvements to boost your home’s value. A home renovation is one way to increase your home’s value. When you’re ready to sell, well planned renovations add to the actual market value of your home, thus increasing your profit. But sometimes, renovations can have the opposite effect. This includes renovations that might be costly in the long run, and renovations that prospective buyers may consider a burden.

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No Cost Blogger Opp with a Twist

This is a new venture for Sonya, blogging.. She runs and had added a giveaway blog, She will be hosting this giveaway and will be sharing others giveaways. You should check out her site she is adding another blog as well and there is tons of information to be had. Please join her in forwarding her giveaway/fundraiser by choosing an option below and thank you for your support!

Please note that this opportunity is open until 1st February 2013. If you miss the deadline please contact us.

This is an opportunity with a difference! Well, we actually have 2 opportunities for you.

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Share 1 Year Anniversary/Milestone #Giveaway

As some of you know, others may not know, I support a website called They have reached their 1 yr anniversary/milestone this month and they have pulled together a couple giveaways to celebrate. It’s been a long haul but with great support from everyone they have made it to the 1 yr mark. You will find 4 rafflecopter forms below for the giveaways please read the requirements/information above each one prior to entering. 

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Thoughtlessness at Times of Tragedy…

Image of sad angel

Recently there was a bad accident in our community with teenagers racing on the freeway late at night and two were killed, and three in critical condition.  My niece went to school with some of  these kids and it was heart breaking to lose talented people from our community so tragically.

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My New Community

Hey everyone!! I have joined The Blog Frog and now have a community of my own and I have embedded it on my site under the tab My Community in the navigation!  There is a forum and such that we can all communicate on!

I have put a link in this to it but I would love for you to join us at The Blog Frog and participate in our community!  I would love to get to know you all better and interact more!

Leave me a comment as to what you think of this idea and the community!

Thank you



Want to Build a Fierce Loyalty?

I have joined 28 Days to building Fierce Loyalty at Escaping Mediocrity.  This is a group of bloggers and professionals that are teaching us to build loyalty everyday in simple ways!

This is what Sarah Robinson says on her site:

Give me 28 Days and I Will Give You the Knowledge, Strategies and Tools You Need to Build a Fiercely Loyal, Wildly Successful Community Around Your Business!!!

I am truly enjoying these past few days, and there is still time to sign up to be part of this movement! Go to her site and sign up now!

Escaping Mediocrity There is a short video there that Sarah has made make sure you watch it!

Hope to see you there!!



Re-post: Echoes

I just wanted to bring your attention to our Websites Blog, Community Blog.  There Sonya, our founder, has been attending Bruce Sallan’s Twitter Party #DadChat. This occurs on Thursdays from 6-7 pm PST, and is great for all parents, Dads and Moms alike. He likes to stir up a bit of fun so you should all go check it out.  

Sonya Attends weekly at this point and that is an accomplishment since 6-7 pm PST is 2am her time.  Thank you Sonya for your dedication to furthering the site and helping others.  

Anyway she posted a great blog about the #DadChat Twitter Party and I would love to see you all go check it out.. Click here to see the blog. 

Thank you all for your support and encouragement over the past few months, you have been great to us!