12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Event!

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 12 days of christmas

Welcome to the “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways 2012”!
12 Days of Christmas Giveaways 2012” is hosted by A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass, and co-hosted with Megomania and Swanksavings. This is the third year that this event is running, and with each passing year it just gets bigger and bigger! This is a fun holiday event with over 40 giveaways, new ones added daily via A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass.

This event runs from December 1st to the 20th. All giveaways get listed between the 1st to the 12th, so there’s fun giveaways every day being launched. The greater value items and gift
certificates get listed closer to the end of the 12 days, with each day getting better. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? A nice spin off of the famous 12 Day’s of Christmas book.

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WorldVision Charity Event


I am super excited to bring you this great Charity event. See all the details below, and enter to win using the form at the bottom of the post. Good luck!! 

Whether it’s for the tax deduction or the warm fuzzy feeling giving to others generates, most Americans plan to make a charitable donation over the holiday season. In fact, nearly 60 percent of Americans say they’ll donate between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to a survey reported in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

With so many worthy causes, it is difficult to know where the gift can best be used. Gifts to the WorldVision Gift Catalog Maximum Impact Fund are used where resources are most desperately needed, to help children and families in struggling communities around the world. With a financial contribution, the gift giver can select one of 36 Maximum Impact items (a few are listed below) that can be given to a loved one and at the same time help a person in need.

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Kindle Fire and $40 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Giveaway on now till December 17th.. Good luck!


So excited to be part of this one. I hope you all get a chance to enter and if we are lucky one of my readers will win. I am hoping one of you win.. Thank you to the blogs that are hosting this giveaway for giving us the opportunity to be part of it.   Good Luck!! 

Delightfully has teamed up with Happy Mothering and Green Moms Media to bring you a giveaway of a Kindle Fire and $40 Amazon Gift Card to spread the word about their new virtual gift-wrap service!

Think about how many gifts are given online now, between music, gift cards, subscriptions, e-books… I’m sure you’ve sent at least one online gift – and likely will again before Christmas. Delightfully is a new service that allows you to hand-wrap your online gift!

With Delightfully, you can create the perfect ‘unwrapping’ moment for any gift occasion. Say goodbye to wasteful paper and tape and say hello to this eco-friendly gift-wrap alternative!

Delightfully is ideal for sending a personalized message to friends and family who you can’t spend the holidays with in person. You can check out an example of the Delightfully gift-wrap here. At only $3, it’s a very nice way to personalize the otherwise impersonal online gift!

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Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

Once again I have been given the opportunity to be part of my friends giveaway. The Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway is brought to you by CouponFreeStuff.  The prizes are listed below, simply enter in the Rafflecopter form at the end of this post. Best of luck to you all! 


With the holidays fast approaching, I want to spread a little Christmas cheer to all of my wonderful fans! I know that with the economy, budgets are a little stretched especially at this time of year.  I want to offer a little holiday stress relief for all of you with a Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway. Right now I have 5 prizes to giveaway but that list may grow. Hopefully Santa is listening! 

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“12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Free Blogger Opp!”

Attention all Bloggers! A great Christmas Giveaway to be part of for free! Come sign up and enjoy the 12 days of Christmas! 

 Welcome to the “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways 2012”!


12 Days of Christmas Giveaways 2012 is hosted by A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass. This is the third year that this event is running, and with each passing year it just gets bigger and bigger! This is a fun holiday event that can be joined in by many bloggers in a couple different ways. Create a post promoting this event and get a free Facebook or Twitter link!

How the event works…

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iPod Touch Giveaway Blogger Opportunity!

Attention All Bloggers!  A great new opportunity.. come sign up and tell them bipolar2happiness sent you.. Please.. thanks so much!! Hurry!

Apple® – iPod touch® 32GB MP3 Player (5th Generation – Latest Model) – Pink. RV $299.99. This will be a hot item for Christmas. They are taking pre orders right now and expect to be out this month. Giveaway will run Nov. 1 – Nov. 21. Winner will be chosen on Thanksgiving.



First link choice is free, Facebook or Twitter, with announcement post. (it doesn’t have to be long, just short and sweet) Extra Links are $2.00 each. This is going to be a huge event. Pink items are always the first to sell out. I have already pre-ordered it.
Send payment to [email protected] as a gift.

Host pages are $10.00 and Co Host spots are $25.00 Co Host spot includes link back to your blog, 5 links and a host page.

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Apple – iPod touch 32GB MP3 Player (5th Generation – Latest Model) – Pink Blogger Sign Ups! FREE LINK! Apple®   iPod touch® 32GB MP3 Player   Pink


Glass Handbags Luxury Bags

I am super excited once again to be part of this giveaway being hosted by my friend at couponfreestuff. A glass handbag, who doesn’t like luxury bags??  I like them but have never owned one. Here is your chance to own a great luxury handbag.  See the review below and enter to win using the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends 08/31/12 so don’t delay! 

The Review by CouponFreeStuff:
For me, as a woman, there is nothing more exciting or exhilarating than owning and carrying a beautiful, luxury handbag.  I have had a long love affair with handbags and if someone had asked me which of my many bags were my favorite, I probably could not have picked just one.  But that was before I was introduced to Glass Handbags Luxury Bags.
Founded in 2010, Glass Handbags offers some of the most beautiful bags my designer, bag loving eyes have ever seen.  What makes these bags so unique is the integrated lighting system that creates not only function but an elegant style as well. The built-in panel light is there for you as soon as you open the bag. I know I have been out a million times and tried to find something in my bag where the lighting was less than desirable.  I would always get frustrated because I knew the item I was looking for was in there somewhere, I just could not see it.  I no longer have that problem with Glass Handbags. Their patent pending handbags are handmade by skilled craftsmen in three different expert areas:
Leather, Hardware and electronics.  What other handbag can say that?  

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Family Drama and Unnecessary BS…

You have probably experienced some of the same Family Drama I do but today really took the cake!  I’m sorry this will be a rant!!

My brother asks me to come to lunch with him yesterday, first red flag!  I agreed as I love to spend some time with him but thought something was up. We live close by and never see each other.

Backing up a bit.. Until a couple of years ago I did not see my mother. She was banned from my life due to her ‘drama’. She makes everything a stressful situation and pits all our family members against each other. I know your thinking how is that possible, believe me it is.

Back to current day… My brother says to me, “I have a reason for wanting to have lunch today, something I need to talk to you about.” I said, “I thought there was something, whats up?”

This was me!

He tells me that my mother has told my father that I am calling her asking her to move in with me because I need her money to make my bills each month.  “What???”  I shriek

More back ground… my mother has used my gas card for 18 months and she has not been paying the bill, I have. The balance was at $1200.00 7 months ago, she had given me the $1200.00 to pay it off. I don’t remember why, but  I put $600.00 on the gas card and used the other $600.00.  She told me that she was quitting her job that required her to drive so many miles and was costing so much in gas. Well she didn’t quit the job, and has now run the bill up to $2000.00 which is the limit on the card.  She lives on Social Security so her income is VERY limited. I’m living on Disability so my income is VERY limited  and I have two teenage kids to care for, therefore my father helps us out with money when I need it.

Back to my conversation with my brother… He says, my mother is telling my father that she has paid off  this gas card twice in the last year both times at $2000.00 and that I have not paid the card and done something else with the money, she doesn’t know what and she is still paying on the card. Really and where did she get that  money to pay it off and if she had money why would she need to use the card, is my question. She was working a sales job that was commission ONLY and never sold anything so she never got paid.

My dad tells my brother and his wife this at Christmas and they were shocked. They knew that was not true. They knew she was not paying the monthly payment and that she had given me the $1200.00 and what I had done with it. They also know that she has run the bill up and is not paying it.  My dad says he isn’t sure he should help me out with money as I’m not handling my money properly! They attempted to explain to my dad, who knows my mother rarely tells the truth, that she is lying. He believes her and is upset about it.  Thankfully I am open book people close to me know me and know I would never do what she is saying..

Don’t get me wrong… my father is not obligated to help me and I appreciate every bit of help he gives me. I do not expect him to help me.  I have struggled since my divorce and rarely make my bills, partly because  I must have medicine and psychiatric treatment and so do BOTH my girls. It’s just ridiculously expensive here and I can’t find any work at home jobs to supplement my income.

I am upset that I let my mother back into my life after 6 years of not seeing her and she has done nothing but caused issues, drama and stress for me, my father and my brother. She doesn’t see my brother’s family for the same reason she didn’t see mine, but my brother still talks to her. My father is angry that I even let my mother use my gas card and I can’t believe she told him the lies she did.

I am disappointed! You wonder, Why is she doing this?? Because she wants me to live with her to help us both pay the bills.  She is attempting to alienate me and my father so he won’t help me and I won’t have a choice but to live with her. I won’t live with her as I have to keep my stress down and that is not possible with her, everything is stressful with her. She creates problems where there aren’t any and it’s because our family is full of  mental illness and people who are in denial and won’t get treatment. My mother is at the top of that list.

My dad was concerned about her coming between him and I when she first came back into my life,  she is now going through him to drive us apart. Unfortunately he can’t see it because he still loves her. They have been divorced since I was three but he never remarried only had a couple of relationships and is now alone and plans to stay that way.

I don’t want him to think I have lied to him or taken advantage of him! I want him to know I appreciate everything he does for us! He thinks I am taking advantage of everyone and taking money from her when she has none that frustrates me.

I’m so over it!!


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A Sweet 16 for a sweet girl…

My first-born child turns 16 years old tomorrow, December 30th 2011.  Birthday cake

I can hardly believe it, she has grown into this terrific young woman. She is smart, thoughtful and beautiful in every way. Her talents are amazing and I’m so very proud of her!

As you know she has had some seriously hurtful issues that are still unresolved, but she carries on like a true Champ!  She has a party tomorrow evening that her grandfather is paying for, he got her a limo and is taking her to a restaurant with her friends for dinner then cruising afterward.

She has a hard time accepting nice gestures from men but she was so appreciative when my dad offered to do this for her 16th birthday, she told him he had to ride in the limo with her and her friends and must have dinner with them all.  Her grandfather is so excited about it he is like a kid…

This is the first real birthday party she has had in years and never has had a party on her actual birthday due to it falling during the holidays!  Anyway, Im super excited and Hope my baby had a great birthday!

Happy Birthday Samantha, I love you more than I can say!! You deserve the best! 

My beautiful girl, My first born!

This is Samantha many years ago!! :)







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Our Week Long Visitor…

♥♥Just some thoughts I will share… 

I found out fathers day of 2006 my husband was cheating on me… long story short after several months I realized we couldn’t stay together, and I moved out! 

Many years have gone by and I didn’t date any one till September 2010 when Carl asked me out!  He always seemed like a nice man and I didn’t hesitate to go out with him.  He used to be my neighbor at my first apartment but we never really spoke and didn’t get to know each other.  

We have had a night here and there where he stayed over but the week before Christmas this year he stayed over the entire week because his parents were in town and staying at his house. He wanted them to be comfortable so he stayed here with us. 

Anyway… I really enjoyed him being here… Its been such a long time since we have had a man in the house.  Certainly was an adjustment for the kids as being all girls in the house they tend to walk around half-naked all the time.  lol :)  

Carl just fits in so nicely.. We do embarrass him sometimes with the way we talk but he always laughs and we all got along really well.  It’s nice that the kids really like him and are as comfortable with him as I am.

 I just remember being devastated that my husband was cheating and that our life together was over, I was lost and broken…Carl was always friendly even when I was not and  was in my own little world of misery. I never realized Carl had any interest in me and went on oblivious until years later when he approached me.  His timing couldn’t have been better because even tho my ex and I split in 2006 we didn’t divorce till 2009 and it was 2 days before I went to court for the first time and Carl asked me out! It was the boost I needed and I was ready for it at that point. 

Our relationship has been easy so far and I know it wont always be that way and I really have no idea where it’s going but I like it the way it is and was really happy to have him close to me this past week.  He is a special guy and I hope that he is happy with me too!! 

This is just another way of giving you all hope… I spent 17 years with my ex and I felt like my life was over but it really has just begun and Carl has shown me that!!  Remember, what you put out you get back.. Choose to be happy and happiness will come to you… 


Family Drama and The Holidays…

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

I just wanted to say to everyone, Happy Holidays and may the new year bring you joy and happiness beyond belief! 

I have thought lately and I realize how stressful the holidays are for almost everyone. Some of us have a harder time with it as the extra money spent and the extra stress of the rush can really get to us.  I lately have had a few moody moments that have surprised me but I think we all need to slow down and realize the Holidays are about family, love and being together, it’s not the gifts or the food it’s really connecting with those we love.

Unfortunately, that also comes with Family Drama!! Our family has quite the Drama filled holidays usually and its pretty stressful. I am making the choice this year to just enjoy it, drama and all!! 

We have been invited to go with Carl (my Boyfriend) to his families for this holiday and I am pretty excited to meet some of his family.  They do not live locally so I haven’t met anyone but his parents and obviously his son! It kind of tells me a bit how he feels about us not that I doubt he cares. He is a great guy full of love, giving heart and I truly enjoy the time we spend together. 

This years holidays are truly special for me and I plan on enjoying every minute of it.  I just have to choose to be happy no matter what is going on around me and I don’t have to react to the drama I can just giggle and leave it at that .. Several deep breaths and some wine should help with that.. haha :) 

May your heart be filled with love and joy always! 

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