Seneca Farms Oatmeal & Fruit Review and Giveaway

I was awarded the opportunity to review Seneca Farms Oatmeal and Fruit in Apple Cinnamon and Vanilla Peach flavors.

Image of Seneca Farms Oatmeal and Fruit

I loved them, the apple was a bit tart in flavor and at first I wasn’t sure about it but in taking the second bite I really

liked it.  I expected it to be overly sweet and it is not, which I like.  The Vanilla Peach flavor was equally as good.

Image Seneca Farms Oatmeal and Fruit

What is this you say?  It is oatmeal and fruit in a cup similar to what you find applesauce in just a bit bigger (6oz).  It is a one serving cup, packed with vitamin C, fruit and thick cut oats. There are bits of fruit mixed in it as well, and the fruit was crisp giving it some different texture than standard oatmeal.  Very nice!
This is very convenient packaging you simply heat and eat.  First you lift the plastic covering a bit to vent the cup and you microwave it for 45 seconds. Be careful as the cup is pretty warm. Then you stir it and eat, it’s that simple.

At first when you remove it from the microwave it isn’t looking too appetizing so before you give it to the kids stir it up as it looks much better once stirred.  You will need to give it a good stir though. This oatmeal also sustained me till later in the afternoon, kept me going all morning so it would be great for the kids before school.

I will definitely be purchasing this item for my house as quick in the morning is best. We are always rushing. You will find it in most grocery stores but you can also go to to find a full list of stores that carry it.

Here is the contact information for Seneca Farms:

The nice people at Seneca Farms are offering these two cup packages of each of the above flavors to 1 of my readers so we are going to hold a giveaway.  There will be one winner and it will run from April 23,2012 to May 4,2012 starting and ending at 12:01 Am

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