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I have been looking around the Internet and wondering exactly what is out there today for those that may need help, whether it be getting a diagnosis or the important Learning about your illness. I went information seeking this morning, I found a few good sites with great links so I am putting together a post to make it easy to find these great links.

First I found a page of links for many different countries and that was at International Bipolar Foundation. Here there are many links to needed information and services. Click here to go to the page with the links.

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Mental Illness??? Or Another Problem??

I was talking with a friend and it made me realize that deciding if you are mentally ill or have some other issue is not easy.  I remember when I met with my psychiatrist all those years ago, the one I see now, he told me NO ONE fits into the molds of textbook Bipolar or whatever illness you may suffer from.  I think that was one of the eye-opening facts he gave me right away.  

If you look up Bipolar for instance… I never knew there are two forms and if I read the symptoms I don’t fit perfectly into that yet I am Bipolar II.  That is my diagnosis and I fully believe it.  I realized after talking to my doctor that life factors come into how your mental illness starts and progresses therefore none of us fit PERFECTLY into a diagnosis.  You maybe Bipolar but have some symptoms from other illness’ kind of related to it.  

So when you see symptoms you aren’t sure if it is actually an illness or something else, maybe a health issue or tumor etc..  Is this normal? you will ask yourself, and others, who will tell you yeah your fine..blah blah blah  There is very little understanding of Mental Illness in general society, people fear it and therefore there is a stigma.  People will deny it for years and years, maybe forever… Like my mother!   

My point here is… drum roll please…. :)  If you have any one serious symptom of any mental illness who is it going to hurt if you go see a doctor to discuss it? Also Is that symptom interfering with you living life normally? If so you need a doctor… The earlier you catch a problem the easier it is for you to learn and control it and have the doctors help you with medicines, your diet or therapy, whatever is right for YOU.  There is no Magic Pill out there that will fix you up with out some work and YOU MUST LEARN ABOUT YOUR ILLNESS.  Knowledge is power people, I know that’s cliché but it is true.   

When I learned of my illness I went online into chat rooms and listened and sites and read and read and did all the research I could. My husband hated it and complained about the time I spent on the computer.  That really should have been my first clue he wasn’t going to support me… LOL  Years of work and research and therapy and doctor appointments and medicines and all that goes into full treatment and finding the road to recovery.  The first step is to accept it and realize its not the end of the world its the beginning of your happy life.  Really it is.. at least it was for me. 

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Peaceful Journey

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Psych Appointment….

I have not posted about my appointments with my doctor before so this is kind of new for me. Just a couple of thoughts I will share today about my appointment with Dr. S.

I dropped the kids off today and ran off to the doctor immediately as my appointments with him are early morning.  Dr. S has two offices one local to me and one a bit far and the one in my area he works in the morning the other in the afternoon.  

It was funny talking to him today because he says how happy he is with how I’m doing and then says you were such a MESS, while shaking his head.  He is actually happy for me and almost giddy. Let me explain something about him… He is a gruff guy, he isn’t personable at all, he keeps his distance and is very business like which some people find odd.  I have always liked him, you can tell he knows what he is doing, and truly even though he is gruff you can see he cares.  Other family members who have met him didn’t take to him the same.  :)  To see Dr. S nearly giddy and giggling about how well I am in comparison to the mess I was 10 yrs ago was a good moment for me.  

This doctor has saved us so much misery I can’t even tell you.  It’s good to see him happy with me. :)  Now, finding out my insurance didn’t pay for June’s and October’s appointment was not fun. Even though I paid the co pays at the time, today I had to shell out $260.00 to get up to date and I could only do that because my tax return is waiting to be deposited on my account and will be in there on Tuesday.  Thank goodness!

It is really hard to believe how miserable I was all that time ago and it is nice to share with Dr. S our accomplishment of straightening me out and helping me be happy!

What a great man to dedicate his life to helping the mentally ill stabilize and do their best! I am Thankful we found him and he can help us the way he has, but I am sad my kids cannot see him any longer.

There is still no resolution to the issues I have with the HMO, they of course have not called me yet and probably won’t. Next week I will be making some calls and laying into someone.  Not looking forward to that… :(  Oh well I must fight for the kids.  :) 

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To find what you seek in the road of life,
the best proverb of all is that which says:
“Leave no stone unturned.”
~Edward Bulwer Lytton


Bipolar Life, Good Days? or Bad Days?

Just thought I should write a bit about how things are going for me at this time. As far as how I am feeling inside. 

Today feels like another good day. I hope I don’t eat those words later in the day! :)  We are all going to Carl’s house for dinner he is cooking for us.. Can’t wait. He is so cute, my youngest said to him when are you going to cook for us again I want your mashed potatoes and salad, that was over the weekend.  So last night when I went to leave his house he said. “hey do you all want to come for dinner tomorrow? Jessi said she wanted mashed potatoes and salad, so I thought tomorrow would be a good day.”  I said, “of course!”  He is a thoughtful guy. 

I have something to look forward to next week too. I am meeting two women I met on Twitter, Miriam and Pamela, as they are coming to town.  I’m super excited can’t wait to meet them. Miriam and I have the Bipolar children in common and her son’s name is Sam and my diagnosed daughter is named Samantha. We cracked up that they were both Sams as I call Samantha, Sami! Small world I’m telling you.  Pamela is just a super woman and I really have enjoyed our interactions, she is fun!  So looking forward to that next week. 

So I guess I should get to the real reason I’m writing this post.  I am feeling pretty good now.  

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My mind has finally slowed down and my irritation level is lower than it has been, I’m still not organized but I think that’s just part of the illness.  I can only organize my thoughts so far then off they go. :)  I do not have the swirling tornado inside me now so that is a big relief.  My mother is moving three hours away so she won’t have any power to mess up any relationships and I can get a little distance without hurting her feelings. Big Relief! :)

I really am enjoying my time with the kids and with Carl. Next month we are going to visit his parents with him for a weekend, usually he goes alone but I am excited to be going with him and so are the kids. He is such a loving man, thoughtful and sensitive, it’s awesome. 

All in all I am doing well!! Now that might change later today or tomorrow or next week or a month I don’t know honestly but I can enjoy this time while it lasts.

I  want you all to know your support and kind words have really touched me and helped me to feel better, Thank You all! 

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.
~Doug Firebaugh

Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.
~Chinese Proverb

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10 Famous People With Bipolar Disorder, The Price of Fame?

I have looked around the internet for information on Bipolar Disorder and People with Bipolar to share with you all.  There are a lot of Creative people who have Bipolar whether it be Bipolar I or Bipolar II.  I wanted to share an article that just lists 10 well-known people who have Bipolar.  I liked this article found it interesting and thought you may also… 


10 Famous People With Bipolar Disorder

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

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