Wristbands.net Swirled Color Filled Bracelets

Do you support a charity or a specific cause? Do you want to raise awareness or  sell bracelets to be able to donate to the cause? Do I have the site for you, wristbands.net. Here you can create the wristbands yourself, you can choose size, text, font, and colors as well as different types of printing. There is a 3D Creator to help you design just the right wristband for your cause.

For example this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You can purchase bracelets with breast cancer awareness on them and resell them at a higher rate and then donate the money to breast cancer research.This site has one million bands in stock, over 2000 colors to choose from, and a state of the art 3D creator to help you design and create your wristbands.

They have so many types to choose from here are a few examples that have been made in the past:

Wristbands.net Cancer Awareness bands
Autism Speaks Red Color Filled Silicone Wristbands





I was on their site and trying out the 3D creator and made the wristband below:

Created using the 3D creator on wristbands.net

I chose green as it is the color for bipolar awareness along with other ailments. It was so easy and fun to make, I was able to choose from many fonts and colors. I liked the one with the Curlz on the letters. I can’t wait to save up some money and order some bands to help raise awareness for Bipolar Disorder.

The pricing is not too high, obviously the more you order the less each one is. They do donate to charitable organizations if they request they will give 100 bands to them if the monthly budget allows. It is first come first serve on sponsoring bands.

I suggest you go check it out and order some bands for your favorite charity or cause and spread awareness. You can see what they have to offer by going to their site, just Click Here.

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation to write this post, I wanted to share this with you all as it is a great way to raise awareness or raise funds. 


8 comments on “Support Your Charity or Cause with Wristbands

  1. Malia

    Oh wow, thanks for sharing this site. I never knew where you’d go to make your own!

    1. Shauna Post author

      Hi Malia.. I didn’t either and when I came across them and they were ok with me doing a post I was so happy. Glad you find it helpful..

  2. Maya

    Love that you can make your own. I’m looking into trying to organize a walk to raise money in support a mental health or mood/disorders organization/charity, and these would be awesome to purchase for walkers. Now I just need ot find an appropriate cause to support with the donations! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Shauna Post author

      Thanks Maya for stopping by and I am glad you find this post helpful. Im very excited about it as well. Great idea to share them with the walkers..

  3. Carrie

    I’m definitely going to have to check them out, my mom has lupus and I’d love to get some bracelets made up

    1. Shauna Post author

      Yes that would be great.. I am getting some bipolar disorder awareness ones.. Its a great idea really..

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