Skillet Bacon Jam Review

I have received a sample of  Skillet Bacon Jam and been asked to do a review.

What is Skillet Bacon Jam?  It is a combination of cured bacon, Onion, Balsamic Vinegar, Brown Sugar, (sugar, invert sugar, cane molasses) Salt and Black pepper. I know this sounds strange but it is actually a good flavor combination.  These are all cooked down into a spread that you can use to cook with or mix with other toppings and use as a spread.

Photo of Original skillet bacon jam

I made fried potatoes with this and they turned out good with a great sweet bacon flavor.

I put some butter in the bottom of the pan and heated it till it melted, then I added a few table spoons of Skillet Bacon Jam stirred it in with the butter and tossed the potatoes in the pan and stirred it till the potatoes were all coated with the butter mixture. Then just cooked it until they were done and browned. Turning them a couple times.

There are some great recipes on the site too and I will next try the Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Jam. It was my original plan to make this item for this review but I then thought I know a lot of people who don’t like Brussel Sprouts so I decided to make potatoes with it.  This way it is likely something most people like.

The product is even pretty tasty alone, although I wouldn’t suggest you eat it that way.  It would be great with Vegetables, chicken maybe even fish.  I have heard of others using it on bagels, I was thinking mix it with some cream cheese and spread it on the bagel. Really the possibilities are endless and if you like bacon you must try this.  The flavor is a sweet bacon flavor, you can taste the vinegar and sugar but the flavors all meld together well.

You can go check it out yourself at  and if you have any questions you can contact them at [email protected].  There are other flavors and I’m looking forward to ordering some others to try out!  If you try any please leave me a comment and let everyone know how you liked it.


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  1. I followed the link thinking it might be an April Fool’s joke,but nope,it’s real! Great day to post a review of an unusual new product. Making a note of this for next year.

    • Oh that is so funny.. I hadn’t thought about April fools day, too funny.. I will have to remember that next year too do a review of an unusual product for April fools!! Thanks so much for dropping by, it was great to have you here!! Please come back soon!! :)

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