School starting, Bone Spurs and Moving

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Yep that’s right school, Bone Spurs and Moving is most of what is going on right now. This bipolar brain is not doing well with the bone spurs in BOTH my ankles. My feet are swelling, when I get up in the morning I can barely walk due to the pain in my ankles at the Achilles tendon area and we are moving mid September.

School has started for my youngest, she loves it but I am not happy about her Algebra class and the way they are choosing to teach it or not teach it depending on how you look at it. It is what they are calling a Flipped Classroom. Meaning the teacher is not teaching them in the class the kids are watching lessons online at home to learn and doing homework in the class. If you are thinking anything like I was it was “wtf?”  I send the kid to school to be taught not expecting her to teach herself at home via the one computer we have. Do I have a choice though?  Nope, there is no other class it is this or change schools. She is in 8th grade and I find it really unfair they would do this with no notice to the parents and with no other option, but whatever we are stuck with it.  They won’t like me and my bipolar mind visiting them if her grade drops this year. :)

So the bone spurs on my ankles… they are killing me, my feet are swelling and I am in pain at all times. The doctor gave me steroids to take to help decrease the inflammation but what do you think happened when I took those steroids?? Yep My anger/rage kicked in and I was literally chasing my 16 year old around the house. Something that has not happened in many many years, well not like this was anyway. :)  I realized and stopped taking them but now what do I do? I am still in a foul mood can’t seem to get back to where I was and it’s frustrating. Its like the steroids set my bipolar off and my meds aren’t working as well.  I am hoping in time it will get better.

Good news, we are moving. Should be mid September! Into our own place, a mobile home but I consider that a big step in the right direction. No  more apartment, No one walking above us like elephants, No more water issues, No more dealing with the neighbors you just want to leave you alone! Funny really but the way these apartments are set up if you have your door open everyone stops to peer in and be nosy. It is unbelievable. The even better news is I will be paying a lot less each month. I will be able to get things caught up and live like a normal person. :)

The worry is I will not be able to do much when moving with my ankles the way they are and of course mobile homes have stairs up to the doors, so I have to get up and down stairs.

Truthfully we are super excited I just hope my Bipolar stays under a bit more control while we move. Change is always a difficult thing to adjust to, but this should be a happy move overall!!

I am truly blessed to have a father that will help me with this needed change and allow me to take better care of my girls and myself. I am looking forward to real grocery shopping.. :)

Now you are basically caught up…. I will be back posting very soon!


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