Remembering 9/11 The Lost Souls

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Image of Ground Zero

I know a lot are asking where were you on 9/11/2001? For me I really just want to say we should all focus our positive energies on the family and friends of those lost souls. Send them Love and positive thoughts and honor those that were lost. Those that were simply trying to do a job to earn money for their families, to raise their children, and give them a happy life.

Think of all those children who lost parents, parents that will never be there for daily life, teenage problems, the special occasions in life. For me it doesn’t matter where we were the heart breaking loss of those souls and the lives forever changed are what matters. I don’t think we will ever forget what we were doing or when we heard or saw this happen. It will be forever burned into our memory. It has forever changed our country in so many ways.

We should also remember the first responders who risked their lives, some were lost, to save others. Those are our true heroes, those who ran into a burning building with no thought of their own lives to help save others. Thank you for your sacrifice, and for most there were serious repercussions, illness and damage due to the toxic air.  You will forever be our Heroes.  Love and light sent to you all!

This is a tribute video I picked up off YouTube..

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