New School Year and an Old Bully

cartoon image of cyber bullying

With school getting back in session soon I can’t help but worry about my oldest daughter and the problems she had for years with one girl and her group of friends. My daughter was bullied for 4 full years until I finally said, “I am done with this like it or not I am going to the school!” She begged me not to she was embarrassed and felt it would make it worse. Well she was wrong, it didn’t make it worse it gave her some relief for me to stand up for her and make the school accountable to stop the bullying. Finally I see some confidence coming back to my daughter and she has gotten her drivers license and become quite independent. Her confidence has risen greatly. I am very proud of her!

But here I am worrying about what this year will bring. Will this girl start up again and break my daughters spirit and dash all the confidence we have built over this past year? Will my daughter even tell me if she becomes a problem? I pray that this girl has matured a little and will leave my daughter alone, but if she does not we will be back at the schools office demanding it be stopped.

We cannot allow this to continue, not one parent out there should allow their child to stand alone and attempt to battle a bully by ignoring it. Bullying eats at them until they have no confidence in themselves or the way they look or how different they may be, they may even hate themselves. We need to teach our children acceptance and kindness of others no matter what the differences may be.

My daughter isn’t different per-say but she is sensitive and diagnosed bipolar II. This is enough for a bully to see and attack as she is an easy target. Truly bullies tend to not be as confident as they try to appear but they are broken inside and taking it out on those they can hurt since they can’t fix whatever problem there is at home or where ever. I feel for this girl as I know her family well and know exactly what Hell she lives in, but she cannot be allowed to hurt my child.

I am worried, but I am also confident in my child and her new found love of herself. Well we aren’t really at where she loves herself but she is finding she deserves better little by little.


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  1. Robin Quick

    My son was bullied when he started junior high. He told us about it but didn’t want us to say anything because he thought it would make it worse like your daughter did. Well the boy picked & picked & picked until one day my son had enough & when the boy punched him my son hit him back & they fought ! What happened to my son because he defended himself? He was punished along with the bully because & I quote the Vice Principal “If he would have told me about this I could have stopped it.” Which is BS! It wouldn’t have stopped. The boy has done it before & when the other boy told the bully got worse. And that’s what we told the VP. Of course it was denied. Instead of just punishing the bully they sent my son & the bully to Alternative school together for 3 days. To say the least I was NOT happy & everyone in the office at school knew it! My son is now 14, years old 6ft tall & around 170 pounds so not to many boys want to  bully him anymore. That & the fact they now know he will defend himself! We have to stand up for our kids because the schools sure isn’t going to!

    • Hi Robin,

      I am so sorry to hear what your son went through, but I applaud him for standing up for himself. shame on the school but it is exactly what I expect from them.. they really dont approach these situations correctly. I went to the school because my daughter in her second year of high school had enough and when this girl and her friends walked directly at her and refused to move my daughter just walked into her and she fell to the ground.. she didnt push her but she stiffened up and walked right over her.. I went to the school at that moment because I knew she would get in trouble so I got to the school before the other parents and explained what was happening to her since the 6th grade and that she had refused to move and walked into the girl. I didn’t want her getting in trouble so I told them she was wrong to get physical but I told my daughter I was proud of her. In this world they MUST learn to stand up for themselves. I was shocked she didn’t get in trouble but happy because that would have caused a bipolar attack of the school by me lol.. After I stood up for her at the school I saw a huge increase of confidence in everything she did.. I just want parents to know YOU MUST STAND UP FOR THEM. It was big mistake for me to allow it to go on.. As you can see I am nervous for her this year but I am hoping for the best. If there is an issue I will be in the office speaking to the principle this time and the vp can well lets say stay out of it! LOL So glad your son is doing well..

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