My Bipolar Mind and Change

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We are moving!

I am sure if you follow me on any of the social networks you will see my posts about moving! I am very very excited to be moving to our own place. The kids will have their own rooms and are ecstatic about that fact. I am happy we will all be able to get away from one another a bit more. The new place is quite a bit bigger so we won’t be tripping over each other all the time.

Anyway the purpose of this post is to talk a bit about change, and how it affects people with Bipolar disorder. Change is a good thing in every life but when you are bipolar it is stressful, whether it is a good or bad thing doesn’t make a huge difference. Basically we stress over any and all changes. Some of us react worse than others of course.

I, right now, am nervous, full of anxiety and tired. My mind won’t focus on any one thing so each of my rooms are partially packed as I do part of it and move to another room. I am a very disorganized person, not sure if that is the bipolar or just my personality, so it is difficult to know if I am as ready as I should be. I am not done packing but today is Wednesday and we will be here till Saturday morning so truly I have time to pack but I feel like it needed to be done yesterday. I struggle with my mind and the worry. I need to stop worrying but cannot always do that. I am not sleeping well and that in itself makes me crabby. Do you ever feel like your mind just spins in circles and gets you no where?

This is a really positive change in our lives, but I can’t shake the stress and anxiety about the move itself. I go over all the details and then the kids will have to leave earlier in the mornings to get to school as I only have one car and my oldest daughter gets out of school at noon, so she tends to just take the car. How will we get it all done in time? What will my neighbors be like? I seem to be scouring the details of everything, and worrying about things that don’t really matter.

It amazes me when I catch my mind spinning out of control about details that are not a real problem. Why make a problem where there isn’t one? Do any of you feel this way? How do you react to changes in your life? I would love to hear from you.♥

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  1. Wow you know I didn’t know that you where moving or had moved. Sounds quite like my stepdaughter having to use her dads car It’s ok but sometimes we just wish she had her own, she used to drive the extra car but that it’s in the shop. So life right now are not peachy. The only way to keep from throwing the boring out of the house is by watching TV, Going online love to listen to Techno music, I tunes has a radio so I listen to all sort of radio on the computer. I blog. I have to keep my mind busy. I guess what helps me to keep from being anxious is to take up my Needlepoint Embroidary,Sew or crochet. It calms me down. I too can get anxious it’s just a part of life but can be different for everyone. The junk collecting could come from an older relative. My mothers mother grew up in the great depression. As you know they all either kept food,rashened or starved. She’s no longer with us died more than 10years ago or more. She is in Heaven that is her home now. I think we almost get anxious on things we are afraid of or are different. We all struggle with this.

    • HI Amanda,

      Yes I know alot of people struggle with this, I worry really that it will set off a mood change. Thank you for coming by and leaving me a note I love comments.. I hope your stepdaughters car is repairable, and it gets fixed soon.. its difficult to just have one car really, but we work it out. My dad is looking for a car for my daughter her dad gave some guns to sell to get some money for it.. so hopefully he will find one soon.. Talk to you soon..

  2. Wonderful post Shauna.Once you are settled into your new home, would you be willing to do a guest post on Delightfully Different Life? I would love it if you would.

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