Mental Illness and Family Support or Lack of it

What I don’t understand is why is it our close families feel we cant possibly be ill? They would rather brand us a bitch and complain and continue drama than listen and support our findings. They are shamed by Mental Illness, due to ignorance truly. They want it to be a secret and people aren’t allowed to tell anyone, do they not know how destructive that is for an ill person.

How do we accept our illness and work toward a healthier life when our family, our support system in life, won’t admit or allow a word said about the illness. Acceptance of our diagnosis is important in our recovery yet a ton of ill people have no support from family and no acceptance from them. You wonder why people don’t take the needed medications, or don’t even reach out for help and live miserable or take their own lives. Others tell them they are not ill, bipolar is not a real thing its an excuse for poor behavior. WHAT? I say to that.. Do you think we enjoy this life, not able to control anything and treating those we truly love horribly, or we enjoy feeling trapped inside while some thing else has control. The deep dark lost fighting feeling we feel inside that we can’t get out we can’t reach the surface.  You think suicide is a selfish thing? Suicide is the last desperate attempt to control how you feel, what you do, who you are. It is deep rooted pain that cannot be overcome, cannot be with stood any longer. Does that make suicide OK, absolutely not I view suicide as giving up and losing the battle, this is our war to win, I will not give in, ever.

For me suicide is not an option, I hope you choose the same. Your life can get better, yes it takes work it takes patience and it takes counseling, doctor appointments, tears, heartbreak, love, self acceptance and medications for the remainder of your life but let me tell you, IT IS WORTH IT.

May you too hear that voice that tells you, “Happiness is a choice, Just choose it.” You will believe it and you will decide happiness is for you. You will let go of so many little things that you used to obsess about and you will smile.  When you hear yourself saying mean things to yourself, you will stay stop it that is not true. I love who I am and I love others. You will take control of your happiness.

For those who have NO support or inadequate support from family, please know there are many like you and many of them are very successful people living happy lives. You don’t have to be miserable forever, you just have to find the right approach. Go out and conquer those fears and bring the real you to the surface.

Much love to you all.. May happiness become a reality for all of you! ♥

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