CAABS System Flyer
This software allows school  children  (5yrs  plus) to  report  many  forms of  Child Abuse,  Bullying and  other  Social  Issues such as  Substance    Misuse,  Teenage Pregnancy  and    Depression to the  schools  welfare  officer  using the  school computers.  The  children  interact with our  characters CABBY and  GABBY.
Image of CABBY the Character of the CAABS reporting system for schools



To theTeachers and Safeguarders CABBY has this message:

  • You don’t know what you don’t know
  • I can help you to know

 When a child makes a report on CAABS, the  CP Lead within the school can discreetly  interview the child and if the  situation warrants it, a telephone call to  children’s services ensures that early  intervention can ensue.

**Petition for Change 100, 000 signatures needed Click Here  **

**Here is a short video to show you how easy it is for kids to make a report.**

CAABS Report is far more than just a reporting tool; it also keeps schools  informed of the issues they face via an automated Monthly Report and further  allows schools to interrogate the data received to produce their own reports  and charts.  Further development is ongoing for the Visually Impaired.

LexiconP has based the CAABS reporting page on visualisation.  Being  visualised our software transcends cultural and language barriers faced by the  children thereby helping to promote discussion and aiding as to what may constitute abuse.  Unlike many other child abuse reporting formats, CAABS has 10 reportable images which cover the main genre affecting children today in so many countries.

Software Demo 

There is now Demo Software for this reporting system available on the CAABS website. I recommend that every one tries it out to see how it works, you may even want to include your child and see what they think.  The demo can be downloaded from their site here.  You will need to sign up with a username and password and your email address.  After signing up you can then go to the links in the user menu on the left hand side and download wallpapers for your computer and blackberry as well as the demo.

CABBY recommends that you watch this video while you install the demo software to make it easier. Click here to see the video on how to install the software.

I am including some screen shots to show how simple it really is to report bullying etc.

This is CABBY on your desktop.  When he is inactive he is opaque or semi transparent. 

Screen shot of the caabs system

This is the log in screen when you click cabby he lights up and the log in screen appears. 

(Note for schools: see link below for ‘Identified User Option’ as there are 4 different methods for login)***

Login page on CAABS system

when you log in this is what you see; CABBY showing you the things that might make you unhappy. 

Screen shot of CAABS system

Lets say your child has seen his/her friend being mistreated by friends or parents. Your child will choose the proper category and quickly report to CABBY.  

That’s all you do!!

After reporting it sends a message and my screen goes back to normal with CABBY just hanging around in the background.  BUT one of the great things about this reporting system (other than how fast and easy it is) is that if a child is about to report and someone comes up behind them and asks what they are doing… all they have to say is ‘I’m just checking CABBY out’ and then click on the big CABBY on the right and it exits.  So there is no panic if they get caught and they can always go back to it another time. The big CABBY is a panic button of sorts, click and exit! 

I would like to invite you to sign the petition to get this software in all schools in the U.K and the United States. Click here for more information! 

 ***Identified User Option – Security of software and its misuse by a malicious child falsely reporting are two serious issues that have been carefully considered in the design of CAABS…click to read more
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