Some of you may know others may not, I support a website as well as writing here on the blog.  LeanOnUs.co is the site and it has been online since June 2011.

The goal with this site is to reach out to people who may need a bit of support, friendship, information, a place to air their views and opinions. They are creating a Safe Haven for anyone that needs a place to belong, a friend, a little fun, and some information!! They don’t claim to be experts just people with caring hearts lending a hand.

They are adding content constantly and if you have any suggestions, we would welcome an email to [email protected]

They have over 65 Forum Topics and are sure you will find some interesting.   There is also a Chat Room you can join. Come meet friends, chat, share your experiences, learn about others experiences, and be part of our Community.

 Click here to visit LeanOnUs.co

Screen shot of the site, LeanOnUs.co

Screen Shot of our Website

LeanOnUs.co Community Blog


This is our new blog on LeanOnUs.co!  Sonya is currently posting about #DadChat by Bruce Sallan.  There will be other topics posted their as well. I’m sure you all will find this interesting and if your on twitter go search #DadChat. Sonya is the one to be thankful to for this community, as none of this would be possible without her. Check her out on twitter at @Sonya_LeanOnUs 

Direct link to the blog is http://leanonus.co/blog 

Sonya has started attending a Twitter Chat called #DadChat and it’s run by Bruce Sallan. Sonya will be posting on this blog a recap of the Twitter chat and some other stats on it. If you are on twitter go check it out there are links to her twitter and Bruce Sallan’s twitter above.

I am really excited about Sonya posting on the blog as she will have great topics to share.  So come check them out and see if you like the blog!

Thank you for all your awesome support! Everyone has been great! 

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