Great time had in Vegas!!

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I had a great time in Vegas, with Carl.  Friday we went to the Hofbrauhaus, which is a German restaurant where it is Oktoberfest every day.  Great food and fun there.. I have to say if you have never been to this restaurant you should go.  It is wild and fun and has a band playing and Geiger-mister girls giving shots and then spankings.. yep they have a wooden paddle they carry and anyone that does a shot has to get paddled as well. The food was amazing as well, you must have the cheese cake but share it.

It was hilarious watching this go on, I have a couple pictures, not great quality pics, but  I will place them here.

Image of Geigermister girl giving spanking at Hofbrahaus in Vegas
The Geiger mister girl giving a paddling at Hofbrauhaus In Las Vegas
Photo of Hofbrahaus in Las Vegas
The Hofbrahaus In Las Vegas

The rest of the weekend we really just wandered around and had a great time people watching and hanging out with each other.  It was a great time and I have a new favorite Restaurant! :)

Anyway, I am back and will be publishing several posts this week on a couple different topics.  I also have a book review coming up soon its a book called Beyond Schizophrenia: Micheal’s Journey… Watch for it!!

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