Getting Back Your Mojo With Oxytocin Accelerator

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Please take note this is an adult topic, not proper for children under 13 years of age. Please get parental permission prior to reading this article.

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I have looked into this Hormone Oxytocin. It has amazing affects on our bodies and feelings and is sometimes called the “Love Hormone” or “cuddle chemical”.  It is produced mainly via social physical touching, hugging, cuddling, sex, eye contact even. A large dose is present in women that are giving birth and it seems to help with bonding with a new child. They even say it is produced when you are genuinely thankful to others and express that thankfulness.

Why would you want to increase Oxytocin?  Oxytocin increases your pleasure in touch, whether it is holding hands, hugging a friend, or being intimate with someone you care about. Why wouldn’t we want to increase the pleasures in our life.

Stress will reduce the levels of Oxytocin in your body. It is important to reduce stress and increase human contact in order to naturally raise this hormone.  The hormone actually makes you want to be more social and may even help those that are depressed. It is not a cure in anyway but a helpful hormone to get you out and social which will likely improve the moods of someone that withdraws when they get depressed. It is a very busy hormone that affects a lot for each person.

Food is another important factor in your body producing adequate amounts of Oxytocin. Junk food, and general bad diet will deplete the Oxytocin in your body. Refined white sugar in excess amounts will also affect the levels of Oxytocin in your body.  You need a natural diet as free of chemicals and preservatives as possible. Whole foods is the best way to approach your diet, and keep a level balanced diet.

These are just a few ways to help you know how to increase Oxytocin if you need more information check out the link above. You can also take an accelerator to help keep your levels up if you feel you may need it and are not able to bring it up on your own.

Remember stress plays a big part in decreasing Oxytocin, I know people that as they have become stressed and unhappy have stopped a lot of the intimate contacts and withdrawn and I can’t imagine the low level of Oxytocin is helping any of them feel better. Will it cure anything, not likely but there are so many factors in your life that can help and the levels of Oxytocin can be one of those factors.

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