Driving License Test on Monday

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I can’t believe it!! My daughter’s behind the wheel driving test is Monday.  We have had to borrow a car from a neighbor for her to be able to take the test because I only have a stick shift.  Don’t get me wrong she has learned on my car and drives great but with her anxiety issues she is not able to take the test in my car.

You have to understand she is seriously depressed right now. So much so she has been having a hard time going to school, she is so down, but I force her to go to teach her she has to work through the depression.  Unfortunately, what comes with her depression is high anxiety.  Anxiety and a behind the wheel test in a stick shift, with a total stranger, are not a good match.

So we originally were going to use my friend Schrin’s car.  It is bigger than the neighbors car and she was having  a terrible time adjusting to it and we only have this week to drive it. We have to do it while she is at work because she can’t drive my car, so we haven’t had enough time to get her used to the car. Then my neighbor said to me if you need a car you are welcome to use mine.  I hesitated really because we don’t know him well, but then I decided his car is the same size as mine and it would likely be easier for her to drive. So I talked to him the next evening and he said I was totally serious, she can use my car.  He agreed to let us try it out last night and she did so much better. We will use it Sunday for her to drive and get used to it and then she will be fine with the test.  The only problem is he needs to get his proof of insurance for the car as they require we prove it even tho the insurance companies report to the DMV when the policy cancels.. lol  He said,” If they just run the plate or VIN they will see its insured,”  I said, “I know but they require I bring it with me.” He is going to try to get it today, lets hope he is successful!

I’m so excited for her and hoping she passes the first time. If she doesn’t it will just be because of her nerves as she is a natural driver. I’m so proud of her!!  

Wish her luck, she could really use a boost in confidence and I hope getting her license will help her with that.. 

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  1. Good for her! Fingers crossed. Wish her luck from me.

    • Oh I will tell her.. I hope it goes well.. she is a great driver so I hope it shows while she at her test.. :)

  2. oh i really hope it all goes perfectly, i cant imagine trying to do a driving test while i was anxious LOL i would probably jump out of the car, what a strong girl ! all the best for Monday xx

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