Clairsentient…Post 4

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More on Clairsentient, or the Sensitive Being.

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Today I am starting with an essay that was written about Entrainment, called Understanding Entrainment. Keep in mind I am just giving some short bursts of this information, I suggest you to the site to read it if you have any interest.  To go to ‘Understanding Entrainment’ click here.  It is below the vocabulary section so just scroll down.

“We start entrainment whilst still in the womb and in doing so we endeavor to prepare ourselves for the entry into the physical world. I hear so many sensitive people say that from an very early age they distinctly remember not wanting to be born, or even to be here at all. It is accepted now that whatever the mother experiences is also experienced by the baby and what the baby is connected to, through the umbilical cord, is a constant stream of emotions being experienced by the mother.”

I relate to not wanting to be here at an early age and even by 4th grade wanting to kill myself. (thank goodness for friends) I remember thinking I didnt fit in anywhere no one was like me and no one thought the way I did, when your young that is very confusing. I was emotional and easily angered. I remember an overwhelming feeling of Not Wanting to be Here, on Earth! I didn’t feel I belonged.  Reading this now makes me wonder.

Continuing on with the essay:

“When we consider ‘experiences’ these are not necessarily situations that maybe far outside what we could call the ordinary, like a car accident or an assault, although of course it can also happen. It is more to do with the day to day responses the mother has to her life in general. For a highly sensitive being trying to entrain into harmony with its coming environment, through a mother and possibly ancestral line that is operating from a fear hence repression or un-healthy expression (aggression) it causes high levels of anxiety to be triggered in the unborn baby. Our natural survival instinct probably kicks in almost immediately causing us to start erecting different coping strategies as survival mechanisms.”

Ok me again.. need to talk about this part.  My mother is a very emotionally unstable person and has been for many many years. She was abused physically and mentally as a child and honestly was deeply damaged by it. She is always upset and angry and I know she was like that during my pregnancy since her and my father split by the time i was 3 yrs old and all I remember about them being together was fighting and the anger and stress in the household. So how does that really affect a baby?? I believe it affects them. I believe it affected my girls and me.

On with the Essay:

Later in life these techniques no longer serve us but they have often become so well established they operate as our “automatic behaviour” patterns or personality. Many people refer to them as “other-selves” I prefer to see them as our “Shields” that we erected to protect ourselves from different threats in our earlier environment(s). On this planet we never completely destroy our shields or not without a sound knowledge of martial arts & Shape-shifting (!) but we develop more appropriate structures or shields to nurture our new growth. Healthy entrainment through being “Connected to all the Elements” is how we naturally heal our perceived “Separation” from Source.”

“To continue, people in general learn to cope with this lack of entrainment or separation and in doing so succumb to what is considered the norm. For the highly sensitive being it really does depend on the level of “sensitivity” and the reason the Soul incarnated through that particular womb and ancestral line. High sensitivity from birth nearly always indicates a very strong heart chakra hence I often refer to them as “heart chakra beings” or Empaths. That does not mean someone cannot be sensitive that has a stronger dominance in another chakra but their level to sacrifice themselves for others or the good of the whole is no where near so intense. Also many people suffer sensitivity or the symptoms of sensitivity through broken boundaries during childhood or later in life but not necessarily experiencing what I refer to as hyper-sensitivity since birth.”

Taking another moment to explain my thoughts and symptoms that I believe may relate to this…

“later in life these techniques no longer work”

First off my reaction would have been to withdraw from life. Let me explain, even when I was very young I was shy and emotional and sometimes angry. I did things like hold my breath till I passed out. I began as shy but then got to the point where I became completely withdrawn just going through the motions and pretending to be happy and normal or like others, but I always felt things differently. Once I was in high school I was so withdrawn I didn’t socialize and I went from one class to another sat in front of my classes and did homework at breaks and lunch time. People made fun of me simply because I was different and was so quiet. I made a very good target in school. :)  That took many years to over come but I still have an urge to withdraw at times.  Getting a job was not easy for me. Hence the techniques no longer work,and anger shows up.

“Other selves”

The next point would be that I have often referred to my rages and certain reactions as someone else, like an out of body experience where someone or something had control. I assumed this was the bipolar once I received the diagnosis. Although I still have that happen from time to time when someone lies to me or is disrespectful I tend to flip out but it doesn’t feel like me. Other Selves?? I can see it.

“their level to sacrifice themselves for others or the good of the whole is no where near so intense”

I am one that cannot say no, I will put myself through anything it takes to help someone else even though I know it will cause turmoil in my life.  Believe me it has and it still does.. I want to help everyone and I volunteer for everything unless I make a concerted effort not to, that means an inner struggle that I pray I win and don’t sign up for anything. It is so bad that people have signed me up for school functions then told me later on and I went and did it even though it caused an issue in my life. I can’t explain the urge I get when I see someone that I feel is unhappy or needs help emotionally.. they can be a perfect stranger and I can’t stop myself. referring back to my posts about my new neighbor.. lol

I know that some of this sounds really “out there” to some of you. I have always been intuitive well extremely intuitive and I am almost never wrong about people and things so I am open minded to this sort of thing because of my life experiences which are too many to list here..


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