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Today I was thinking a bit about Easter and the chocolate that comes along with it!! mmm I can taste it now!! Getting together with Family and having nice visit and meal is good too but nothing compares to chocolate, right? Don’t get me wrong I know there is more to Easter than chocolate it’s just what’s on my mind right now!

Sees Candy Easter Surprise Baskets
Sees Easter Surprise Baskets

We tend to make ‘baskets’ of some sort for everyone we know. Easter is like Valentines day, it  just isn’t right without oodles of chocolate!  There are many types of chocolates and many places to get them but every year my dad gets the girls Chocolate Easter Baskets from Sees Candy!  I look forward to it every year, because they share!!  My kids love it too and my dad doesn’t have to put a basket together, they are all set up for him.

We try hard not to over do it on chocolate except the few holidays that are known for their association with Chocolate. Ugh the more I say it the more I can taste it!!  What is your favorite chocolate? Come share your thoughts with me…

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  1. mmmmm…. I love chocolates too. I have to control it a bit since we have a family history diabetics.

    My favorite is milk chocolate bars.

    • Love milk chocolate too.. One of my other favorites is Dove Dark Chocolate.. Its super creamy too!! mmm Love it LOL Thanks for dropping by!! :)

  2. just stomping by for the night! for easter I LOVE the cadburry creme eggs! And my next favorite are coconut cream eggs with dark chocolate!

    • Oh yes the Creme Eggs are very tasty.. I havent had the coconut ones I will have to look for those this year!! sounds great! I do love Dark Chocolate in my older years.. when I was younger it seemed bitter to me but I love it now! Thanks for stomping by!!

  3. Yum! I love chocolate! I’d have to say my favorite (at the moment) are those Hershey w/ almond bars. Cadbury chocolate is delicious also. Visiting from the Alexa Drop Hop btw =)

    • Thanks for popping by I appreciate it. I will be dropping by your blog as well.. Chocolate is my favorite treat.. :)

  4. Choclate at Easter time? No way. It has to be BLACK JELLY BEANS just once ayeear for me! Malika

    • Oh yes we can’t forget the jelly beans.. I thought I was the only one left that liked the BLACK JELLY BEANS.. Im so happy I am not.. love them as well as the chocolate!! hugs

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