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Suicide, The Hurtful Public Comments


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My heart breaks for the family and friends of a person who jumped to their death off a bridge in our town yesterday morning. I read a news report in a local paper online and I found jokes and inconsiderate statements made publicly, the ignorance of our society never ceases to amaze me. I saw comments like these:

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Remembering 9/11 The Lost Souls

I know a lot are asking where were you on 9/11/2001? For me I really just want to say we should all focus our positive energies on the family and friends of those lost souls. Send them Love and positive thoughts and honor those that were lost. Those that were simply trying to do a job to earn money for their families, to raise their children, and give them a happy life.

Think of all those children who lost parents, parents that will never be there for daily life, teenage problems, the special occasions in life. For me it doesn’t matter where we were the heart breaking loss of those souls and the lives forever changed are what matters. I don’t think we will ever forget what we were doing or when we heard or saw this happen. It will be forever burned into our memory. It has forever changed our country in so many ways.

We should also remember the first responders who risked their lives, some were lost, to save others. Those are our true heroes, those who ran into a burning building with no thought of their own lives to help save others. Thank you for your sacrifice, and for most there were serious repercussions, illness and damage due to the toxic air.  You will forever be our Heroes.  Love and light sent to you all!

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My Birthday and Mother’s Day… How Do I Feel?

This weekend was my 43rd birthday and the following day was Image of tulips beautiful Mother’s Day! Two very special days in a row for me. This year is probably the best one I have ever had. I am blessed by the people in my life.

I have great friends who gave me a nice party and dinner, Carl took me to a special dinner of Lobster, shrimp and Scallops, my dad took us all out to dinner, my girls spent the entire weekend with me, my youngest did all the dishes and wiped all the counters down in the kitchen and helped to clean up the house, I got terrific gifts… All my online blogging buddies and friends were very sweet to me with all the good wishes. I can’t believe how many terrific caring people I have in my life.

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Special Mother’s Day Wishes

Image Happy Mothers Day

Wishing all you Super Hero Moms a very special day! 

I think about all the things you do for others and I applaud you all. Being a mom is both a gift and exhausting but we love it and wouldn’t change it for anything, so on this special day sit back and let the love of your family soak in.  Bask in its Glory! 

Happy Mother’s Day! 


I Miss Them Already…

My kids just left for an entire week… Yep a week!! I miss them already. I have a ton to do so it won’t be that I will be bored but I will miss them tremendously.

You know, my oldest and her father barely talk but she decided to go with him to another state for a week to see a house he bought there.  I was shocked but excited too. I sure hope all goes well and everyone behaves, she needs her dad.  Please send positive thoughts to them and hope they heal their relationship.  I think this will either make or break the future relationship between Sami and her Dad.

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Another Loss…

I received a call yesterday that a family friend had passed away unexpectedly. Unfortunately, this is the husband of the woman I spoke of in an earlier post Losing Someone.  She passed away just a few short weeks ago of cancer and now her husband has passed away suddenly.

This family was extended family for me, I have known them since I was 3 yrs old and have been friends with their daughter, Bonnie, since then.  Bonnie and I haven’t talked in a couple years because she lives in another state and we have lost touch.  I am so worried about her and her sister!! The loss of both parents in such a short time has to be over overwhelmingly devastating!  

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Reaching Out, Taking Chances…

I want to share a recent experience I have had, with a new neighbor! First, I must explain that I have had some problems with people here and really haven’t been friendly with anyone since moving in almost 2 years ago! The apartments are set up to where you see each other all the time but still no real interaction until now. :)

Over this past weekend a new person moved into the apartment directly next door to me. Our doors actually open up into each other so you can’t come and go at the same time. Sometimes its comical, especially when your neighbors aren’t friendly.  I went to leave the other day and bumped into my new neighbor.  He is a single dad with two girls and a very friendly person.  I immediately got the feeling he was having a hard time emotionally. I didn’t say anything at that time just introduced Carl and ran out! Image of a hand shake on a new day

The next day he came by and said Hi and we were talking a bit and it came out that he was having a hard time. I asked him if he wanted to come in and chat but he didn.t want to at that time and said he would explain another time why.  We talked a bit more at the door but something really made me want to reach out to him, but I didn’t want to push. I made it clear to him that I was around if he needed anything. 

The next day he pops up again and we got to chatting and he kinda spilled some stuff about having concerns that he might be bipolar.  Of course before he said that I had told him I didn’t work and he asked why and being me I told him the truth.  He said he was really interested in talking more about it but I had to leave so I talked with him for a bit and then I had to run off.  I really get the feeling he needs some support, just friendly support.  

I really took a chance telling a brand new neighbor about my illness but I dont keep it quiet. If I did I would be making the stigma that surrounds mental illness worse so I take these chances and times like these it pays off.  I really do want to help people understand mental illness and help them be brave enough to get real help. This man is worried about his mental status and has lost many jobs over his mood swings etc.  He needs someone to talk to about this to help him sort things out and I think that fate put him next door to me so I could help him out.  

We talked a bit again tonight and he wants to talk more another time so I just told him anytime he wants to chat to knock on the door or if its open to call in to me.  He said you might be the best person for me right now! I’m not sure I agree but I can listen and tell him what I have been through.

It is sometimes frightening to take that type of chance but if we continue to hide our illness and allow people to shame us the stigma will never change.  We must be brave and confident in the decisions to reach out to people!! 

Now go reach out to someone, even if it is just a friendly hello it might change their entire day! 


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I decided to take a suggestion from a friend at a site called A Band Of Wives, which I am a member of, and post some more inspirational thoughts. Today I decided to pull a few Saying and quotes and post a few pictures. Thanks Leila! 

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. ~ Helen Keller 

“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~Walt Disney~

Image of Inspirational stones

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.
~ James Neil Hollingworth

If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s,
we’d most likely run to grab ours back.
~ 90 yr old Regina Bennett

“Real happiness comes from inside. Nobody can give it to you.”
~Sharon Stone~

Image of Gateway to the past

Nothing is predestined: The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.

Thank you for visiting today!! :D

Shauna xxx 

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Special Thanks..

I am so honored by this post and I must share it with you, along with his blog.  Paul and I met on twitter and he became part of our site as a member and has posted funny pics and such in the forum.  They are great you should go see them… Hilarious!  He also has a blog and as I found out he has two blogs.  For now I will tell you about the one, it’s called It’s a Ride… it’s on my blog roll and has been for a while now.  I am waiting for permission to share the other one.

This is his post he did today and I just had to share it with you all.


Leave him a comment and let him know you came by.. have a look around his site and enjoy what you see.

Thank you…

I just went to our forum and looked at the recent funnies that Paul has posted.. Here is the link go check them out… Click here


I got a blog award…

One of my fellow bloggers has nominated me for a new blog award, The Versatile Blogger!!  I am very appreciative of this award. This person has a great blog called:  Halfway Between The Gutter and The Stars . I suggest you ALL go see the blog.  Thank you so much for blessing me with this award!! 

The Rules are:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

7 Things about myself

1.  I take 6 pills a day to control my moods, depression and anxiety. Decreased from 8 pills recently. :)

2.  I have two teenage Girls, that I adore.  Today is my oldest daughter’s  sweet 16  birthday!! 12/30

3.  I have 2 guinea pigs as pets.. They are adorable squeaky little guys!

4.  I am an ex smoker, Smoked when I was younger prior to having kids. I quit cold turkey   smoked the last one in the pack and never bought another. I still want one when I drink.. :(

5.  My drink of choice is beer.. or margaritas :)   Two margaritas and Im under the table or sick!  Takes a lot more beer to make me sick than margaritas! lol

6.  I’m divorced, in a relationship and super happy with it!! I have never felt so free and equal in a relationship.  I have never been this comfortable with a man or anyone before!

7.  I am partner on a website (LeanOnUs.co), where we are reaching out to provide a safe haven for anyone in need of a little support or friendship. Plus we have a ton of info on there to help people out!

I nominate the following blogs for the Versatile Blogger award:

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12.  Paul Hurwood

13.  Natasha McNeely’s Guide to The Beyond

14.  Fiona - TheAgoraPhobicBlog

15.   The Bipolar Project

I have chosen these blogs for different reasons but I appreciate their blogs and enjoy reading them!! They all have a great purpose!!  Thank you all for sharing your blogs with us!


A Sweet 16 for a sweet girl…

My first-born child turns 16 years old tomorrow, December 30th 2011.  Birthday cake

I can hardly believe it, she has grown into this terrific young woman. She is smart, thoughtful and beautiful in every way. Her talents are amazing and I’m so very proud of her!

As you know she has had some seriously hurtful issues that are still unresolved, but she carries on like a true Champ!  She has a party tomorrow evening that her grandfather is paying for, he got her a limo and is taking her to a restaurant with her friends for dinner then cruising afterward.

She has a hard time accepting nice gestures from men but she was so appreciative when my dad offered to do this for her 16th birthday, she told him he had to ride in the limo with her and her friends and must have dinner with them all.  Her grandfather is so excited about it he is like a kid…

This is the first real birthday party she has had in years and never has had a party on her actual birthday due to it falling during the holidays!  Anyway, Im super excited and Hope my baby had a great birthday!

Happy Birthday Samantha, I love you more than I can say!! You deserve the best! 

My beautiful girl, My first born!

This is Samantha many years ago!! :)







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Christmas Day and Family Visits Done…

Merry Christmas to those  of you who celebrate it!  Hope everyone had a great Happy Holidays to all!!day filled with Love and Joy!! 

Today was a busy day… Got up early my mom stayed the night and my dad got here at 7am. The Kids opened presents we made breakfast and hung out with Carl, My mom, my dad and the kids. 

9:30 am in the shower and by 11am out the door to Carl’s family’s house, about 2 hours up the freeway.  It was nice to meet a bit more of his family and hang out a few hours with his parents, his niece and her children.  Opened gifts and ate enchiladas and spicy bean soup. It was great!!  His family is so different from mine they are quiet and laid back, where my family is stressed and loud. LOL  

Unfortunately, I got sick a couple of days ago so Christmas Eve day and Christmas Eve I was not feeling well but we had a nice time at my brothers then came home to visit with my mom and Carl. Then some cold medicine and some much-needed sleep. Woke this Morning in a panic realizing I forgot to put the kids stockings together.. ugh  So 5:30am I was up and making stockings. haha

This year was great because Carl was staying with us as his parents are staying at his house in his room.  It was special to have him here in the Morning for Christmas, really made it nice! 

No real Family Drama??  I know that’s what I was thinking, NO WAY!!  haha  Nope there was no drama that I noticed we had a great holiday!  It really helped that I had thought about the Family drama stuff the other day and decided I wasn’t on the look out for it!  If there was drama I simply didn’t notice because I wasn’t paying attention to it! 

I must say I’m exhausted, as usual after Christmas, I’m so happy with how the holiday went… felt a bit more like a normal family!  

Can’t wait for the New Year and of course my oldest daughters 16th birthday on the 30th of December!!  Limo and dinner for her and her friends I’m so excited!!!

♥Merry Christmas and May the season bring  Love and Joy to your hearts! ♥

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Family Drama and The Holidays…

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

I just wanted to say to everyone, Happy Holidays and may the new year bring you joy and happiness beyond belief! 

I have thought lately and I realize how stressful the holidays are for almost everyone. Some of us have a harder time with it as the extra money spent and the extra stress of the rush can really get to us.  I lately have had a few moody moments that have surprised me but I think we all need to slow down and realize the Holidays are about family, love and being together, it’s not the gifts or the food it’s really connecting with those we love.

Unfortunately, that also comes with Family Drama!! Our family has quite the Drama filled holidays usually and its pretty stressful. I am making the choice this year to just enjoy it, drama and all!! 

We have been invited to go with Carl (my Boyfriend) to his families for this holiday and I am pretty excited to meet some of his family.  They do not live locally so I haven’t met anyone but his parents and obviously his son! It kind of tells me a bit how he feels about us not that I doubt he cares. He is a great guy full of love, giving heart and I truly enjoy the time we spend together. 

This years holidays are truly special for me and I plan on enjoying every minute of it.  I just have to choose to be happy no matter what is going on around me and I don’t have to react to the drama I can just giggle and leave it at that .. Several deep breaths and some wine should help with that.. haha :) 

May your heart be filled with love and joy always! 

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The Love of a Mother…

My girls mean the world to me.  I have watched them grow into these beautiful young women.  I don’t mean beautiful in just the way they look, I mean they are beautiful people inside.

Thoughtful, caring, moral and real is just a few ways to describe my girls. I am very proud of who they strive to be, how much they care for others and how they don’t always think of themselves first.  They are not perfect, they make mistakes, they are teenagers so attitude is just part of life now but they are loving people even when they are trying not to be. lol :)

I have tried to teach them to respect themselves and even tho my oldest is struggling with this due to her lack of confidence, I do believe they will respect themselves as adults and need others do the same. My oldest especially since she requires that from her father even though she doesn’t get the respect she deserves as  a person from him!

My oldest is smart, beautiful, sensitive, caring, thoughtful and very capable of anything she wishes in life. She suffers with Bipolar2 Disorder just like I do but she has been treated since she was young and I believe it will not keep her from being a very successful woman! I believe she will end up in a field that helps others. She is excited about the prospect of driving and getting a job. I believe a job would do wonders for her confidence level!  She is creative and a bit artsy!  She is full of anxiety at times but doesn’t let it cripple her!  She is still a bit shy but that has improved every year. She is amazing to me and deserves the best out of life!

My youngest is a complete opposite of my oldest, from their looks to their personalities! She is full of energy, never stops moving and talking.  She is a smart girl but things don’t come easy for her in school like my oldest. She works hard and gets great grades. She has a serious Anxiety issue developing and suffers with depression. She has been treated for a couple of years now for the depression but the anxiety, although it has always been there, has developed into a disorder lately! She is confident and outgoing and a social butterfly.  She is starting to have boyfriends and, as I have always known, will be a teenager to keep an eye on. lol She is very capable, thoughtful, caring, has tons of friends and feels bad when she does something wrong. She is a people pleaser!  She strives to be a good person and therefore she is! She loves and accepts people for who they are, although she is easily hurt by others it doesn’t keep her from moving forward. Just like my oldest she is amazing.  She is a terrific person and a beautiful girl! I couldn’t be more proud of her!

I love my girls with all my heart and have always tried to think of them as PEOPLE, they are not just kids they are small adults in the making and they deserve respect and caring.  I find so many parents treat kids as if they really aren’t people they just want to rule them and that isn’t healthy for any child! We are here to correct them and teach them but we don’t rule them, they have their own feelings and although we may not always agree with the way they feel they deserve to be respected and treated fairly.  We must as parents take their feelings into consideration when we make decisions in our lives. Every move we make affects them and it is our job to consider them as well!

We should know them well enough to know how our decisions will affect them and consider that every time we change something in our lives. I believe honesty is the most important thing in your relationship with your kids. How do we teach them to be open and honest yet lie to them about things in their lives. It doesn’t work that way! 

I love my girls and I hope that they always remember that no matter what happens in their lives! 



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Mom and daughter hugging a heart

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Thoughts about my Childhood Relationship with my Father…

Tonight I am thinking about the difficult relationship I had with my father when I was my daughters ages. By age of 16 I no longer saw him and really resented that he was never there for us, or never present. 

Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

 The last two days have been extremely trying with my teenage girls and their father. Their father tends to return them to my house and  refuse to answer their calls and texts when they do something  wrong but then he blames me for turning them against him and not  letting them come with him… Yep sounds a bit nuts doesn’t it?? I  think it is nuts!!  How am I responsible for not making them go with  their father when he refuses to come get them and drops them back  home when they are nasty to him and he doesn’t want to deal with it.  I don’t know why he thinks I enjoy dealing with it but he keeps doing  it. 

Then he texts me that it’s horrible I have turned the girls against him and refuse to make them go with him and he is taking me back to court etc.. I’m usually dumb founded by these contacts from him but whatever.. Anyway, all this crap has made me think about the difficult relationship I had with my father and what that role may have played with me picking my now ex-husband to have children with… hmmm right? 

Lets compare them… 

  • Both Hunters 
  • Both unhappy people 
  • Both suffer from depression and other issues
  • Both are drinkers 
  • Both are very selfish 
  • Neither of them seem to have any parenting skills
  • Neither seem able to truly love another person and put them first
  • Neither can communicate successfully in relationships
  • Both opinionated and always right 
  • Both rarely take responsibility for their life choices
  • Neither are willing to deal with difficult subjects 
  • Both made their wives/ex-wives raise the children alone (even when still together)
  • Both were angry about paying child support and give as little as possible 
  • Both tend to lie to make themselves look better to others 
  • Both Blame others for their life issues 
  • Both were controlling as husbands although in different ways
  • Both were more concerned with what they want in life and not what is best for their kids 

I think I married my father… :( Is that possible after years of struggling for his attention and wanting a relationship with him. Did I actually pick someone just like him??

I had so many dreams for my girls and their relationship with their father. I was sure he would be a good dad even though I raised his son, that was 1-year-old when we got together. I don’t know what I was thinking I really thought he loved his son completely and was a good dad, but when I look back that’s not what I see.  Hind site is truly 20/20!! 

I have come to believe I chose this man because I still wanted approval from my father (any man works at that stage) that I never got and never will get! I wish at 19 years old we had a Quarter of the sense we have at 40 years old! Would have saved a lot of unhappiness!! 

I am happy to be free of that unhealthy relationship but I didn’t realize my girls have that same unhealthy relationship with their father that I did. Why? Because of the person he is and always will be. It is sad! :( 

The father daughter relationship (in my opinion) sets the stage for every relationship a girl has with a man. I’m so glad I have finally learned to accept who people are, respect myself and they must respect me as well! :) 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“The wise man must remember that while he is a descendant of the past, he is a parent of the future.”         Herbert Spencer quotes (British social Philosopher, 1820-1903)

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Thanksgiving Week…

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.  ~Epictetus

Finally, I am feeling better…Mood leveled out and I am really enjoying spending the week with my kids. Normally they only have off Thursday and Friday on the week of Thanksgiving but this year they are both out of school for the entire week! 

Honestly, I  about this week with my moods being so weird, but so far so good. Yesterday we slept in (well the kids did) and then my youngest and I took off to the shoe store and looked at boots for them for Christmas. No way this year I am buying anything without them approving it, too many shoes and clothes purchased they won’t wear.  Today we sat around all morning kids slept till 11am and I got some work done, then we went to my dad’s house to visit and do a load of laundry.  It’s a 30 min drive to his house and we were just being silly and having a fun time.

*Gratitude is the best attitude.  ~Author Unknown*

Whole Foods Union Square turkey cupcake

Image by Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake via Flickr

I am Thankful for so many things in my life! There are so many good people around me this year and they boost me up. My kids for one are really good girls. I am proud of them, they are working hard in school and it really shows. They are kind to their friends and other adults. Then there is Carl, who has really lit up my life this past year. He is super sweet and treats us all with love and respect.  He is giving and open and we really enjoy time together.  My parents are still living and its nice the kids can spend time with them.  Grandparents are an important part of life and I am glad my kids still have my parents as their dad’s parents have passed. :(  Then there is all the wonderful people online that are so supportive and sweet and a joy to know.  I love getting to know everyone.  I really hope that our site, LeanOnUs.co, helps people in some way. Even if we just reach one person and help them in some way, our goal is really to be there for others.  

I really love the idea that my blog or the site could help  someone!  When I was learning that I had Bipolar2 Disorder it helped me so much to know I wasn’t alone and to hear others struggles and the answers to some of the problems we shared.  We can learn so much from others experiences if we open our minds. 

I want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you all enjoy your time with your friends and family and remember what your thankful for! 

*Gratitude is the memory of the heart.  ~Jean Baptiste* 


What Happiness is to me…

Have you ever wondered what people feel when they say they are happy?  I know I have wondered in the past, so I’m going to try to explain what happiness means to me. 

Happiness came to me a few years ago, while I was trying to heal from my marriage failing and my husband cheating on me.  Honestly I was one of those people going through life trying to find that ‘thing’ that would make me a happy person.  My husband was found on the phone with a woman telling her he loved her, by my oldest daughter and she had woken me,  I then went out to listen to him playing the I love you more game on the phone.  I can’t describe what happened that night but something inside me imploded! There really aren’t words to describe it! Heavy depression set in! I tried to do counseling with him but he wasn’t interested so after 8 sessions he refused to go back, so a couple of months later I moved out.  Ok anyway back on task here… 

I tried to take in what had happened to my life and really wasn’t ready to let go but a year later I think I must have been.  I was driving to pick up my kids at my ex-home and I remember specifically I was at a stop light.  I heard this voice say to me, “happiness is a choice, just choose to be happy.” It was like a higher power was telling me, just be happy.  I remember saying to my self, I’m going to be happy!  I asked myself. “do I have everything I want in life?, no, but I am happy!  Deep inside there was happiness that I wasn’t letting out!

Until I heard that voice I had no clue that I was making myself unhappy, it was a choice to focus on the negative but this is a chance for a fresh start and I haven’t taken it.  I set forth in that moment to be happy.  To focus on the happy and to stop myself from focusing on the negative aspects of life.  If you have read my other posts you know I have suffered my entire life with severe depression and I was finally to where that depression wasn’t controlling me but I had learned to be negative.  

I had to change the way I thought.  I decided I must listen to how I talk to myself.  That inner voice was really hard on me and my anxiety liked to torture me.  I would catch that voice talking down to me and I would say out loud NO, and change that thought to a positive statement.  Sounds stupid doesn’t it?  I even spoke out loud to that voice! I had to take control of it! I focused on smiling and relaxing even if it was just for a moment. 

 So now my happiness is: Enjoying every moment of my   children, good and bad times.  Watching them grow into  women and great people.  Spending time with Carl (my  boyfriend) enjoying his quirks and his personality.  I am  super comfortable with him and we have fun together even  doing nothing. I see the rain as a cleansing of the world and  enjoy every moment of it.  The sunshine brings brightness and warmth to me and the world around me, I breathe it in and bask in its glory! I accept myself for who I am. I have now defined who I am as; a kind, caring mother of two who wants to reach out and help others.  I have major mood swings here and there and will occasionally embarrass myself but I can apologize and improve on it immediately. I am Imperfect, as my daughter would say ‘Perfectly Imperfect’! I see the world and each person I meet as they are, I trust my gut instinct because there are bad people in the world and I don’t deserve to be mistreated any longer. 

Bottom line for me Happiness is simply accepting things as they are and not making excuses or wondering how it would be if I could have done something differently in the past.  It is also a choice to be free from negativity.  I tell my self all the time I’m happy! There are days I have to refocus and stop my old habits but I have a quality life and good people in it! That makes me happy! :)


My Very First Blog Award :)

I am truly Honored to receive this award from Michael he is one of my followers and an awesome blogger. His blog is Have A Dream. This Blog is inspirational and a positive place to spend some time! Micheal is a nice guy! Everyone should go check it out.

Liebster is German for ‘beloved’.  The rules are as follows, If you receive the award, not only do you have the, “less than 200 followers,” but you should have more. Once you have received this award you should link back to the person who nominated you and you pass this on to 5 other bloggers of your choice, that qualify. Let them know you nominated them by leaving a comment on their blog. :)

I am nominating the following blogs:

  • Bipolargirl82
  • HelpMeToGetRidofAnxiety

Once again, I am very appreciative for this nomination of the Liebster Blog Award!  I appreciate all the support from everyone! Thank you :)