Bullying by a Teacher

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This is a story Submitted to LeanOnUs.co by a member of our site!  I am hoping we can support her in her cause. 

Why This Is Important

I would like to bring to your attention an incident that took place at Gray’s Creek Middle School on October 17, 2011.

My son, Dawson Gibbs was assaulted in his gym class by his teacher, Mrs Dawn A Hoyt.  Apparently there was a kickball game in progress and my son was in line to kick the ball, Mrs Hoyt stated that she thought Dawson had already kicked and instructed him to move to the back of the line.  Dawson either did not hear the guidance, which I believe to be the case as his hearing is sub-par, or he ignored her.  Mrs Hoyt then approached Dawson and gave the instruction again in which case he complied.

On his way to the back of the line, Mrs Hoyt purposely tripped Dawson either in an attempt to cause him physical harm or embarrass him.  She succeeded in the latter.  Mrs Hoyt has admitted these facts in my presence and that of the vice principal, Mrs Libby Rogers.

Dawson immediately notified me of this incident after school and my husband and I immediately returned to the school to speak to the principal, Mrs Sara Whitaker.  When I explained the story to her she laughed in our face and told us there was no way that one of her teachers could commit such an action. She then passed off the investigation to the Mrs. Rogers as she would be absent the following day.

Mrs Hoyt admitted her wrongdoing that night and then we met with her and the Mrs Rogers the next day.  Mrs Hoyt stated that she had a bad day and did give a half hearted apology but this certainly does not excuse her actions.  I’m sure it is not the policy of Cumberland County Schools for a bad day to result in such an egregious action to be taken against a student.

As of today, Mrs Hoyt is still teaching at the school, much to my dismay.  I am absolutely appalled that my son still has to go to school and face this teacher every day.  When we went in and spoke with Mrs Whitaker again, her only suggestion was to remove Dawson from his physical education class.  I don’t feel like he should be punished by dropping his class because of a bullying teacher.  I am extremely disturbed and demand action.  I want Mrs Dawn A Hoyt removed from her position as a educator, so she will no longer be allowed to abuse children in this disrespectful manner!

 Please support this petition:
The Governor of NC: Terminate Teachers Bullying Students

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  1. I am so sorry that this happened to your son. I support the petition to have the teacher removed.
    In 1957 I had a similar teacher. I ws the one who reported it through my mom. Teacher was fired.

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