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Holy cow! I was just reminded by a very dear friend, Sonya over at, that this week the 27th of September is officially Bipolar2Happiness’ 1 year Blogoversary. You should go check out her post on the LeanOnUs blog.

What a great year it has been. I have met a ton of awesome amazing new friends. I have received support to a level I never could have imagined. I am truly blessed by everyone who has visited my blog. There have been ups and downs and some really quiet times for me, especially lately, but every interaction I have with my new friends brings meaning to my life.

There are so many people that are suffering in silence, shamed into silence over an illness. Yep and ILLNESS, and I pray that I can reach some of them to tell them, “You Are Not Alone.”  Let go of the shame, you wouldn’t feel shame if you had the flu or cancer or diabetes, so why have it of an illness of the mind? Mental Illness is not being crazy, what’s crazy is that we are expected to live silently and suffer when there is real help out there. Your life can be what YOU want it to be, yes you will work hard on controlling some issues, you may need counseling, medications, to see a doctor regularly but those are a small price to pay for a life and happiness.

It is hard to believe you can be happy and live normally. I know it is because I have been there, wondering why I do what I do what I do feeling different and seriously depressed. Having no dream of a happy life. Then I woke up and realized that life is achievable, for me and others like me. I then set out to learn about me and my illness and how to change my thoughts and my life.

Here I am today, happy and living a good life that I felt I may never have. Yep I worked hard for many years to get to this place, to control what I could, find the right medications, lots of therapy and self improvement. I let the real me forward and loved myself finally and freedom occurred. Total freedom, I don’t know really but I am happy and have accepted the daily work I have to do in my life.  The self monitoring, the listening to others when they note to me that I am changing, talking to my doctor and adjusting medications when needed. Taking responsibility for my behavior and that means apologizing when I am out of line or out of control and working to stop it.

Wow that was quite a rant…um I mean speech. Ha!  Don’t ever forget you have to laugh at some of the things we do.

Back to the Blogoversary. Truly I wanted to have a celebration and do giveaways etc, but I am not ready for that so maybe next year we will whoop it up! This year I want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have been part of my blog and my life this last year. You all mean the world to me.

Oh and I almost forgot, Sonya is right I change my blog more than my…well you know what I Mean. :)

Much Love,


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8 Responses

  1. I get your blog by email and clicking on the link in it sent me to a webpage showing some kind of feedburner error?

    • Hmm LuAnne I’m not sure why but I will look into it.. In the near future you will be getting the email from Mailchimp instead Im switching over now.. that might be the issue. I will check it out tho.. Thanks for following and for letting me know the issue!

  2. Congratulation Shauna. I gave up counting the years on my blog ages ago, My anniversaries seem to come around when I am not in a writing mood.
    Anywho here’s to many more to come.

    All The Best


    • Thanks Paul! I am certainly not in the writing mood these days but just lots going on in life. Honestly I wouldn’t have even remembered this week if Sonya hadn’t posted. lol Love that woman. :)

  3. How could you forget?! I know how busy you have been and I have had to bite my tongue as I planned a post about it but wanted to surprise you :)

    You have done so well, Shauna and helped so many; not just with your blog but personally spending time talking to people too. It’s sad that so many still suffer in silence. It’s understandable but sad and hopefully more will realise that there are places out there available that they can go to for help or just to feel not so alone.

    What I find crazy is that I can’t imagine one person on the planet who hasn’t come across someone with some sort of mental illness or depression and yet some are still so thoughtless. Especially with all the campaigns and individuals raising awareness of trying to remove stigma. It’s very sad.

    • Idk Sonya I can pretty much forget anything these days.. Moving and such really threw me for a loop. lol

      Thank you for the support you have given me for years as a friend and online. You are truly one of the greatest people I know, I appreciate you more than you know. I hope people will find and see what you have to offer. The site is amazing its support of others is awesome, I hope this second year will be a great one!!

      Love you girl..

  4. I also have Bipolar Disorder. I have Bipolar 1. I have mixed episodes,for example I can be depressed and on a high at the same time, if that makes sense to ya.

    • Hi Carrie, Thank you for sharing with me. Mixed episodes make complete sense to me as I have had them as well. I also rapid cycle so I can be up and down in short times or I can have long episodes of either or both. That is what makes it so hard to control. I am now on a good mix of medicines and with my stress level lowered I am doing better than ever before. I hope you are doing well and on a stable level right now.. If you would like to share your story with us please let me know I am looking for guest posts.

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