Bipolar Week Ahead

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Cartoon Image of Girl holding blank sign
That empty feeling, you know something should be there but what?

What does the Bipolar week ahead have in store for me? A while back I wrote about That Bipolar Mood Seeping Back into my Life.. it is still seeping in! I am trying so hard to be positive and feel happiness but lately I don’t seem to feel much of anything and I find myself saying negative things. I don’t feel in touch with my thoughts, then some negative topic comes spilling out of my mouth and I am in a sense surprised by it. This is a new feeling for me, I am not sure how to tackle it.

I have been having an issue with my heart and I am trying not to think the worst as I did when I was told it was likely a real problem. Maybe that has set me off a bit or maybe the job or maybe the boredom I am feeling with not being busy like I was with the blog and all the activity. I really am not sure why I feel the way I do or should I say not feel.

I have this empty feeling that I just can’t shake!


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