Addictions and Mental Health

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I’m sure it is no secret that a lot of people with addiction issues also have co-occurring mental illness.  There is a good amount of time that we are using drugs or alcohol or even tobacco to help control our mental illness symptoms and survive daily life.  People will self medicate with drugs, alcohol and tobacco without even knowing it.

Here are some general statistics from 2009 on drug use that I got from

Use of selected substances in the past month among persons 12 years of age and over, by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin: United States, selected years 2002-2009 .. The link above will take you to the chart for full information.

  • Illicit Drugs = 8.7%
  • Marijuana = 6.6%
  • Non medical use of Psychotherapeutic drugs = 2.8%
  • Alcohol use = 51.9
  • Binge Alcohol Use = 23.7
  • Heavy Alcohol Use = 6.8%

I found these stats interesting and wonder how many of these may have mental health issues that aren’t diagnosed or treated.

In my process of thinking, I realized it is so important to get help with any addiction.  The damage you do to your body and your life can be devastating. There are some professional recovery centers that you can contact for free to talk to a therapist. One I have seen online is Delray Recovery Center. They offer a wide range of services with addictions and co-occurring issues like anxiety, depression even Bi-polar disorder and eating disorders. There is no shame in looking for help with addiction. 

This center offers a professional, peaceful environment to heal in, they blend holistic, traditional and alternative treatments so they are bound to have a treatment that is right for you. They will help to heal your family relationships and help to get you support from loved ones. They are located in the tropical atmosphere of South Florida, where you can relax and recover with their excellent treatments and highly trained staff.  Why not call them to talk to a therapist for free.

Maybe you have a friend or relative that needs help and you need specific information on Opiate addictions, or Heroin Rehab.   You will find great information in this section called Opiate Addictions – Everything you need to know, and you can do a bit of research on your own. There is great information on this site.  Just go look around and search out what you want to know.  You can even tour the facility right on their website. Then call them to talk to a therapist for free.

I hope that if you or someone you love is suffering with an addiction you will reach out for support. There is no shame in needing help just in not reaching out for help when it is available. Love yourself enough to help yourself!

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