Accomplishments and New Directions

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Image of When yoiu need something to believe in start with YOURSELF

I recently had a scare with my heart, was carrying too many projects and too much stress and I was attempting to pass the California State Insurance License Exam. I found out this week the problem with my heart is really just the murmur/defect I was born with and that it should never cause me a real problem. YAY..TIME TO CELEBRATE!!

Today I passed the Insurance Licensing exam hence the title “Accomplishments”. Now it is time to crack down straighten things out and get back to my blog and my purpose. I cannot take on as much as I was doing before but I want to get back to writing this blog and researching over on, finding my light, my soul and bringing it home.

This next week I will be back and ready to do some writing. I will work tomorrow but will be back Monday 07/16/12!

I hope I haven’t lost all of you by now! ♥♥♥

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