I am a single mom, friend, caring and all around nutty person. I have been diagnosed Bipolar II and that is what I write about here, my life with Bipolar II and my life with my kids etc.  The ups and downs and the happenings in between!

I am here to tell my story, to give hope to others suffering from mental illness. I want to change the stigma behind mental illness as it is an Illness like any other, its not a choice and we are not just bitchy people. Truly we are highly intelligent, caring and usually very empathetic people, who bruise easily! We come from families with untreated Mental illness so usually we were in some way abused and damaged.  I want you all to know you can get past that and be the happy caring delightful person you were meant to be, it takes a ton of work but is well worth it!

Happiness is a choice, all you have to do is choose it and work toward it! The best to you all!

Being dedicated to helping others through the life issues that need a little extra support and a dose of Hope,  has led me to become a supporter of LeanOnUs.co!   Friendship and Support is their main goal!  They don’t claim to be experts just caring hearts to lend a hand. Image I am strong because I am weak

The best way I know how to offer support is to share my experiences.  Sending out love to you all!


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      1. LJ

        Hey Shauna,

        Love your blog. So totally get what you and the girls are going thru. The oldest daughter is obviously self-less in wanting not only approval, but in her desire to please her “sperm donor.”. That’s how I reduced the fool in my life that caused me oh-so-many years of heartache and pain. She has to let go of the ties that bind her to him. Keep moving forward and making her way to the path for her life and future. She’s anchored what she’s about to him. She is what she makes of herself, not what HE is or isnt. She can only find real happiness in letting go of the bad memories and starting with a whole new outlook on life. Why would she want him to be present for her special day? His track record proves he will ruin it with his immaturity. Anyone can become a parent. It takes a special person to be a father. If she surrounds herself with family and friends that love her, she will learn to heal without seeking daddys approval. It isn’t coming. I’ve been there and struggled with the same exact issue on my 16th birthday. I’m now 49, and just got my “diagnosis” six months ago. She really has a distinct advantage knowing she has a huge mountain to climb. The beauty however is that’s she on the best part of the mountain, the downhill slide! This is the easy part. She can’t keep blaming herself for daddys shortfalls. He is solely to blame and noone else. Bless her a thousand times over for her courage and strength.

        1. Shauna Smith Post author

          I couldn’t have said it better myself.. Thank you!! I try so hard to get her to see that exact thing. I told her she just has to accept what he is and focus on those in her life that love her dearly.. She of course doesn’t feel very lovable right now. We are working on that!! Its was so nice of you to share your kind words… :) Thank you!!

  1. kathleenlegrys

    Awesome! Great job. You will touch many people’s lives and I can’t wait to hear about it. Great job :)

    1. Shauna Smith Post author

      Thank you sweetie!! I appreciate the idea and inspiration!! Who knew you asuming our site was a blog would give me the idea to do it! Im so glad I met you!! I am just writing from my heart so I hope it is coming across ok, I am not a writer lol.. Thank you again!!

    1. Shauna Smith Post author

      I want everyone and anyone that suffers from a mental illness or knows someone that does to know there is hope for the future with proper treatment! Thank you for your comment It is greatly appreciated!

  2. Sonya

    You’ve done a great job so far, Shauna. You have covered a lot of aspects of your life in a short time and I think it’s great. Keep it up! :)

  3. Amberr Meadows

    I came, I saw, I’ll be back for more. You and I have a good bit in common, and I really respect and admire you. Blog on!

  4. Angela Dobbins

    wow…is all I can say and I am so glad that you have HAPPINESS now in your life! I have a friend who has a teenage daughter who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder the year before last they had to send her to a place to help her due to she became very violet and would chase her younger sister around with a knife so they had no choice…it kinda surprised me because I kept her as a child and she was different but never talked back or anything like that she would sing at the top of her lungs when I would take the kids to the choir to sing (I kept the nursary and was her Sunday School teacher) she was 3 but I had known her and kept her since she was 1 yr old. She still struggles but is alittle better she is for one thing very boy crazy they have to watch her around boys like a hawk…so pray for her as well!!! Proud of your blog page too and so excited to be apart of your page by having my story on it…love you sweet friend!!!

    1. Shauna Smith Post author

      Hi Angela.. So glad you left me a nice comment. Yes Bipolar can be difficult and it can just come on at one point in life, sometimes early on and sometimes in the teens or later. I’m glad your friend was able to get some help, when they are violent there isnt a lot you can do but they need extensive treatment until it can level out some. I wish them well and will pray for her. My daughter used to be happy bubbly and fun but now she struggles.. Teenage years are hard for everyone and a bit harder for someone will an illness that affects moods but I know she will be good when she gets thru it. Im honored you would allow me to present your story and I know it will help people. Thank you Angela.. Im so glad we are friends now!

  5. cat.

    Just discovered your blog. Wishing you all the best. Have a good festive season and a very happy New Year as well. Love, cat.

    1. Shauna Smith Post author

      Hello and welcome to my blog… Just got back from a visit to your blog.. Very nice and I will be back.. Happy holidays to you and yours. Love,shauna

  6. No Non-cents Nanna

    Hi shauna! Thanks for checking out my blog, too. I thank you for your openss about the mental illness you survive. Talking about this issue really does help others by taking away the mystic and the errournious belief that a chemical imbalance in the brain is a choice. We CAN choice to learn how tp live with it most effectively as you have chosen to do.
    Sick baby is calling. I will caht later. Malika Bourne

    1. Shauna Smith Post author

      Hi there!! Np love blogs.. I appreciate your thoughtful comment. Thank you… We CAN choose to live with our illness the same as someone with any illness can.. it takes work and understanding but its not impossible, just feels that way sometimes.. lol Im sorry your baby is sick.. Hope the baby gets better soon.. :)

  7. No Non-cents Nanna

    Something that has helped me is taking cognitive thereapy classes. Actually learning about better communication and recognizing faulty thinking can and does help anyone even with out a diagnosis. I have worked hard to get a balance in my life , too. things like regular sleep habits, exercise and eating right really do help me to maintain a more satable mood or manageable mood. Malika
    (The baby is feeling well enough to play with the 6 year right now. That’s great-the 6 year old is too busy playing instead of writing her signture with permanent marker.)

    1. Shauna Post author

      Thank you Marcy.. and welcome to my little corner of the web.. :) I appreciate the comment very sweet!!

  8. Carrie

    I found your blog via voiceBoks. I have been diagnosed with bipolar II as well and it is a daily struggle. I admire your courage to be so open. In doing so you are doing an active part of peeling away the awful stigma that is placed upon us who have been diagnosed with mental illness.

    1. Shauna Post author

      Oh thank you so much for coming over from voiceBoks, I love that site.. We have something in common and yes it is a daily struggle but we are strong people and we can stay on top of it and have a great life. My goal is to attempt to strip away the stigma.. I have always been open about my illness truly I was relieved as there was something wrong with me that was treatable.. Its been a long road and it will always be my job to keep an eye on it but you can overcome it.. If you ever want to chat drop me a note at [email protected]

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