I am a single mom, friend, caring and all around nutty person. I have been diagnosed Bipolar II and that is what I write about here, my life with Bipolar II and my life with my kids etc.  The ups and downs and the happenings in between!

I am here to tell my story, to give hope to others suffering from mental illness. I want to change the stigma behind mental illness as it is an Illness like any other, its not a choice and we are not just bitchy people. Truly we are highly intelligent, caring and usually very empathetic people, who bruise easily! We come from families with untreated Mental illness so usually we were in some way abused and damaged.  I want you all to know you can get past that and be the happy caring delightful person you were meant to be, it takes a ton of work but is well worth it!

Happiness is a choice, all you have to do is choose it and work toward it! The best to you all!

Being dedicated to helping others through the life issues that need a little extra support and a dose of Hope,  has led me to become a supporter of LeanOnUs.co!   Friendship and Support is their main goal!  They don’t claim to be experts just caring hearts to lend a hand. Image I am strong because I am weak

The best way I know how to offer support is to share my experiences.  Sending out love to you all!


Email – [email protected]

Twitter – @Bipolar2happy

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Additional Blog – From Heart2Soul.com

Website - LeanOnUs.co 

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