I have possible won the struggle with the HMO to get my kids treated by a psychiatrist!? 

Happy Days!!

I am ecstatic!! I just got a call from the HMO (health Insurance) that I was beginning to despise and they set an appointment for one of my girls to see the psychiatrist today!!
If you read my other posts about the new HMO insurance policy you will understand how relieved I am today!!

I will have to update you all this evening when I get home from the appointment… Lets hope it goes well!! :)

So funny but this feels like a Victory for me!! :)  Woo hoo!!!

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10 comments on “A Victory in Finding a New Psychiatrist Through an HMO

    1. Shauna Smith Post author

      Thank you so am I.. very relieved I hope it goes well!! :) I will post tonight to update..

    1. Shauna Smith Post author

      Yes it does and saves some money.. Yikes is this stuff expensive.. lol It is quite a relief! Thanks hon.. Hope things are good for you and your winning your battle with smoking.. Not easy to stop.

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