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School starting, Bone Spurs and Moving

Image of a couple carrying moving boxes

Yep that’s right school, Bone Spurs and Moving is most of what is going on right now. This bipolar brain is not doing well with the bone spurs in BOTH my ankles. My feet are swelling, when I get up in the morning I can barely walk due to the pain in my ankles at the Achilles tendon area and we are moving mid September.

School has started for my youngest, she loves it but I am not happy about her Algebra class and the way they are choosing to teach it or not teach it depending on how you look at it. It is what they are calling a Flipped Classroom. Meaning the teacher is not teaching them in the class the kids are watching lessons online at home to learn and doing homework in the class. If you are thinking anything like I was it was “wtf?”  I send the kid to school to be taught not expecting her to teach herself at home via the one computer we have. Do I have a choice though?  Nope, there is no other class it is this or change schools. She is in 8th grade and I find it really unfair they would do this with no notice to the parents and with no other option, but whatever we are stuck with it.  They won’t like me and my bipolar mind visiting them if her grade drops this year. :)

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Free Blogger Opportunity


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New School Year and an Old Bully

cartoon image of cyber bullying

With school getting back in session soon I can’t help but worry about my oldest daughter and the problems she had for years with one girl and her group of friends. My daughter was bullied for 4 full years until I finally said, “I am done with this like it or not I am going to the school!” She begged me not to she was embarrassed and felt it would make it worse. Well she was wrong, it didn’t make it worse it gave her some relief for me to stand up for her and make the school accountable to stop the bullying. Finally I see some confidence coming back to my daughter and she has gotten her drivers license and become quite independent. Her confidence has risen greatly. I am very proud of her!

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School is Almost in Session

Wow can you believe the summer is almost over! I know we can’t believe it, spent the entire summer closed up in the house being sick. Each one of us getting the flu starting with my youngest the day after they got out of school. She was sick for 3 full weeks then I got it, sick for 3 full weeks and still struggling with the congestion, then my oldest got it, sick for full 3 weeks and still coughing and congested.Image of kids at school bus stop

My youngest starts back to school 27th of August, and my oldest 04th of Sept, so yesterday we were out all day long shopping for clothes. Spent way too much and were all so exhausted at the end of the day we went to bed at 7pm. Not good for me as I slept for 8 straight hours and woke up at 3:30am. Yikes!! Going to be a NAP day for me! We had a great time shopping, had tons of luck for my youngest and got some good things and good deals for my oldest. My oldest has the worst anxiety and usually we have a real hard time getting clothes for her but we had a fun time and found a few things, Yay!

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Glass Handbags Luxury Bags

I am super excited once again to be part of this giveaway being hosted by my friend at couponfreestuff. A glass handbag, who doesn’t like luxury bags??  I like them but have never owned one. Here is your chance to own a great luxury handbag.  See the review below and enter to win using the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends 08/31/12 so don’t delay! 

The Review by CouponFreeStuff:
For me, as a woman, there is nothing more exciting or exhilarating than owning and carrying a beautiful, luxury handbag.  I have had a long love affair with handbags and if someone had asked me which of my many bags were my favorite, I probably could not have picked just one.  But that was before I was introduced to Glass Handbags Luxury Bags.
Founded in 2010, Glass Handbags offers some of the most beautiful bags my designer, bag loving eyes have ever seen.  What makes these bags so unique is the integrated lighting system that creates not only function but an elegant style as well. The built-in panel light is there for you as soon as you open the bag. I know I have been out a million times and tried to find something in my bag where the lighting was less than desirable.  I would always get frustrated because I knew the item I was looking for was in there somewhere, I just could not see it.  I no longer have that problem with Glass Handbags. Their patent pending handbags are handmade by skilled craftsmen in three different expert areas:
Leather, Hardware and electronics.  What other handbag can say that?  

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Disappointment, Pissy Mood, Wine and a Bipolar Mind

First off I want to note that if you are on psychiatric medicines drinking is a no no, we all know it undoes the benefits of our medication but we also know we will give in once in a while. For me that was yesterday. After I felt really disappointed and was really pissy about it the entire day. One of those moods that being bipolar makes worse, you know you are pissy but can’t stop yourself. All day I was like that and poor Carl just laughed at me.image of angry emotionguy

I dislike myself very much when I am like that and can’t keep my mouth shut. If I see someone do something stupid I can’t help but tell them. Thankfully we didn’t go into any crowds I think Carl knew it wasn’t a good idea.. I did yell at one guy though.. lol  That uncontrollable pissiness is related to the Bipolar part of me. Fully uncontrollable!! My youngest daughter thinks its hilarious when I am like that because I kind of yell at people with humor.. hard to explain. We laughed all day but I was super pissy and couldn’t control it. It wouldn’t go away!

When people in my life disappointment like my father, who has spent my life disappointing me, I really get pissy. I can’t sleep well and get tired and it just makes it worse. Even laughing at my pissy attitude the whole day didn’t pull me out of it at all.

So then I have this conversation with the very person who has just majorly upset me and disappointed me after drinking almost a whole bottle of wine. Wine makes me talk and can’t shut up and after last night I know it makes me say exactly what I am thinking. A curse or a blessing in disguise?? Im still not sure!!

Moral of the story… Don’t drink and then talk to a family member that has just disappointed you and put you in a mood. It may or may not turn out well!! heehee



A Great Outdoor Space Giveaway, Patio Set worth 1599.00

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The Jewelry Candle Giveaway

I am pleased to be able to offer you all a chance to win a Jewelry candle. Yep a Jewelry Candle, each candle has a piece of jewelry in it, how fun is that? So don’t delay get reading and enter to win this great prize.  Thank you to CouponFreeStuff for the opportunity to share this with my readers.

Jewelry Candle Giveaway

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Have you ever burned a candle to find a piece of jewelry inside?  Well, you can now with Jewelry Candles!
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Blankz Designable Toys Giveaway

Once again I am honoured to be able to share a giveaway of a blogger friend, this great toy you can design yourself will be a wonderfully fun time for your child or grandchild or any child you chose to give it to.  Please see all the info below and enter to win, this giveaway is being offered by Don’t delay get entered to win now!

CouponFreeStuff’s Review:

As a Nana to a beautiful 3 year old boy, I am always looking for new and interesting toys for him to play with and grow his imagination.  Sometimes that is a very hard thing to do as kids now seem to be fixated on electronics and he is no different even at his age.  I want him to grow up like my children did, with very little exposure to video game and such.  Now I know this may be a little unrealistic of me, but I feel kids are now missing out on being kids, playing and using their imaginations to fuel their play.

Blankz designable toys are just what the Nana ordered.  A toy that is a clean slate and allows a child to create whatever their little minds and hearts can come up with.  Hallelujah! No batteries, video screens or controllers, just good old pretend.   I bet when I was a kid the word pretend came out of my mouth 100 times a day: pretend you’re a dinosaur, pretend I am chasing you  and so on.

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Coola Mineral Face Sunscreen


Welcome to the Coola sunscreen giveaway! This is another great opportunity offered by She has kindly offered to allow me to take part in this giveaway and offer it to you all.  This looks like a great product so thought it would be fun to be part of the giveaway. This particular blogger has really opened her helpful toolbox for me and I just want you all to know what a great person she is, she has helped me out in so many occasions I can’t thank her enough!!


Coola offers a myriad of products from lotions to sprays and just for baby items that are SPF 50 and water resistant for 80 minutes and as my little one loves water, this is perfect for him.  You can find mineral products with a matte finish, classic formulas both scented and not, lip protection and so much more.

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Imposter For Hire Review

I have been asked to review a book by Loving Healing Press. I love this site as all their books have to do with mental illness or illness of some sort. This book I read is a Psychological Thriller. A great read.


Imposter For Hire book cover

Book: Imposter For Hire

Genre: A Mystery with psychological twists and turns.

Author: Sandra Levy Ceren

To purchase on Amazon click here.




I have to tell you this is a book you cannot put down once you start reading it. The characters are both thrilling and interesting and the story has unexpected twists and turns. I started reading it and could not put it down. I was even reading it at work during my breaks and quiet time.

The character Dr. Corey Cohen is a psychologist who teams up with a detective friend, Ben, to help with a case he is on when things go wrong and she is poisoned and they are kidnapped, it goes on and on. You just never know what is happening next and I love a book like that. It is not predictable at all and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The psychological twists are realistic, if you can call them that. It feels like things that could easily happen yet surprising at the same time. A very well written book. I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys a thrilling mystery.



Helping a Friend and Giveaways Posting this Weekend

Hey everyone! I wanted to warn you all that I have 4 giveaways of other peoples starting this weekend the 11th and 12th of August. I am not doing any of my own but I am helping out a few others and honestlly one of them is really big!! The prize is worth $1599.00 so watch for it to show up this weekend. cartoon image of a grocery bag with thumbs up

These are bloggers that have helped me out in the past and when they gave me the opportunity to help them out, I couldn’t pass it up. I think you will like the giveaways and I am happy to be able to offer you a chance to sign up to WIN!

I am working today so won’t be around but if you have questions or comments please leave me a comment and I will get you answered tonight!!

I am super excited! Best of luck to anyone who enters to win this weekend!




Those Bipolar Anxiety Moments

I recently decided to start looking for a home, well a mobile home. I cannot in anyway afford a true house so this is another option and we have a really nice park in town that I know people who live in and are happy there.

My father will help me with a down payment and I might be able to save as much as 500.00 a month cartoon image of woman in bed unable to sleep with anxietywith this move and be out of apartments. Here I was super excited about the prospect of it all and I picked up some flyer’s and needed to call.. Well a week went by and I just couldn’t call.  I know nothing about purchasing a home of any form and my anxiety took over.

My boyfriend asked me if I had made any calls and I explained to him, in tears, that I couldn’t get past the anxiety and make the calls. He said, ” I will call for you, I will come over tomorrow and we will call.” and he did just that.. What a great guy.  Thank you Carl.

We looked at this one unit that was beautiful. Fully renovated all new appliances and 3 bedrooms in a terrific park. This park is run strictly and kept very clean. There are kids and a great pool but things are orderly and kept nice. It is the premier park in our area.

I was so nervous going to look at the place and of course Carl went with me. I walked in and fell in love with it. It’s beautiful and not like most mobile homes you would imagine. The kids could have their own room and I wouldn’t have anyone above me walking around like elephants at 11pm every night. I am sure that with out Carl helping me I would not have been able to make this contact. The anxiety I have is such a strong force that holds me back from things I have never experienced I try so hard to over come it but in this case it won.

Do you have any anxiety like this or do you know any one who does?? How do you get past it or do you? I am blessed to have good people in my life that help me past this issue, but there are times I miss out on things because of it. Leave me a comment…

Much Love