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InfraShine #Giveaway

I am super excited to be part of this giveaway! It is being hosted by my good friend over at Coupon Free Stuff . You can enter right here on my blog by using the rafflecopter form at the end of this post.. Best of luck to you all!! 


I have always enjoyed curling, straightening, and blow drying my hair.  I know it sounds weird as most women look at this as a necessary evil. Even though I enjoy this task, it isn’t always without it’s pitfalls.  Use the wrong styling tool and your Do can become a Don’t!!   I have used many tools on my hair over the years ( too many to keep track of) and the outcome has sometimes been less than desirable.  

Some curling irons and dryers can do more damage to your hair than than create a great hairstyle.  I have used irons that have scorched my hair and dryers that have left my hair full of static.  But those days are over thanks to Infrashine products .  I was absolutely thrilled to try the Infrashine ceramic spring 1″ curling iron.


Be Yourself

I came across this on Facebook and I have to say it hit home with me, so I am sharing it!!

Please remember these words!


Image of Saying... Be Yourself


Happiness starts when you Love You!


Fight Depression with Delicious, Healthy Foods

This is a guest post from Cindy Johnson. She writes a blog at She was kind enough to offer a post on Fighting Depression with healthy foods. I thought this was a great idea and a great fit for my blog, so you will find her post below: 

Fight Depression with Delicious, Healthy Foods Image of a healthy meal, Grilled Fish and vegetables

By Cindy Johnson

Depression is virtually unknown in some countries and a growing concern in others, including the US. Can bad diets be the cause? Some scientists say yes. Small changes to your diet can make a huge difference in controlling mood disorders.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in any given year nearly 7% of the adult population in the US suffers from serious depression, and almost 17% are treated for depression at some point in their lives. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to mood disorders as well, and depression often starts early. But a growing body of scientific research points to some simple diet changes that can help stave off depression and help you or your teen maintain an even keel.

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Feeling the Relief

Image of Cartoon Dog Juggling

Me Juggling Life!

Today I made a couple of Big decisions and I am just beginning to feel the relief. I have addressed a few problems that I had been putting off.  Seems to be one of my symptoms to put stuff off, especially stuff I really don’t know how to handle, or a situation I have never been in!

I have never been good with my finances. I tend to not keep close enough eye on my money and times are tough right now so I have fallen behind on most of my credit bills. We run out of money 2 weeks after I get paid and I get paid once a month. I just pray we don’t run out of something we can’t live without but this past month I had to borrow money from Carl to get through. That is super embarrassing for me. I am at a point in my life that I have never been at before, I have never been in a position that I couldn’t pay my bills on time and with the increase in cost

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Decisions Made About This Blog

Hi Everyone!

Image of Sun coming through branches

I can see the light again!

I want to let you all know that I have made a decision about this blog. I will no longer carry reviews and giveaways on a regular basis.  It has been way too much pressure for me and causing way too much stress for my Bipolar Mind. My mood fluctuations are a direct result of the stress I am under and lately they have been worse than they were for years.

I decided to get back to the reason I started this blog and focus more on that. Now I may do a review of a book or so that fits the description of the blog but the other stuff I am done with. I really thought I could manage it but it really is a hard job with too much stress for me.

I know my doctor will be happy about this.. lol  I hope you are too and you understand that I just cannot keep this pace up.

I appreciate you all putting up with my bit of experimenting with my blog and whether I could earn a little income or not.  I decided NOT!

Have a great week and I will be posting more soon!!  Much love to you all..




The Audiovox Portable DVD #Giveaway

I am thrilled to be part of this great giveaway, hosted on Mom to Bed by 8! I love to be able to offer these great giveaways for you all and I hope you enjoy being part of them.  Check out her great review and enter to win on the rafflecopter form at the end! 

Summer travels are here and Audiovox can help you take your favorite family films on the go with you! The DS2058 10.2″ Enhanced Definition Portable DVD Player with Swivel Display has a larger screen for easier viewing, clear picture display, decent sound quality, simple touch button commands and a unique swivel screen for better viewing reach. Watch your DVDs on the road, while camping and even in the comfort of your own home. This is one buy you will be happy to have on your next road trip.

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Harlem Globetrotters Summer Skills Clinic

I have once again been contacted by to share the information about the Harlem globetrotters Summer Skills Clinic for kids!  You can get 10.00 off with the information in this ad, see below! This is a great thing for kids and I am happy to pass it on! 

Harlem Globetrotters Summer Skills Clinic

Friends of Receive $10 Savings on The Harlem Globetrotters Summer Skills Clinic!!!

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Blogger Free Opportunity

Attn: Bloggers ~ Free Blogger Opportunity offered by I Heart Giveaways, more details available on her blog so click the link and go check the details and see if you want to be part of this great Giveaway!!  I adore her blog too!!


Note: This post is only open for bloggers who wish to participate in the upcoming Amazon Blast Giveaway.

Event Details:

- The giveaway will go live on July 15, 2012
- Open Worldwide
- Prize: $200 Amazon Gift Card *1 winner*

Go to I Heart Giveaways to get further details and sign up to participate by posting on your blog!!

Share 1 Year Anniversary/Milestone #Giveaway

As some of you know, others may not know, I support a website called They have reached their 1 yr anniversary/milestone this month and they have pulled together a couple giveaways to celebrate. It’s been a long haul but with great support from everyone they have made it to the 1 yr mark. You will find 4 rafflecopter forms below for the giveaways please read the requirements/information above each one prior to entering. 

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Aura Cacia Essential Oils Review

I have been granted the opportunity to review Aura Cacia Pure Essential oils. I am happy to get this chance to try these oils as they really can help with moods and sleep, which are just a couple items they assist with.

Aura Cacia Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

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Sue’s Bracelet Helper Review

I have been approved to review Sue’s Bracelet Helper and I received the product yesterday.  I was excited as I have a hard time with my bracelets sometimes because my hands hurt from years of typing etc and other times I just am not coordinated enough to buckle them alone.  The bracelet helper is just what I need.

My ReviewImage of Sue's bracelet helper

Have you ever had a bracelet that you just couldn’t get hooked without help?? Do you have a mom or a grandmother or a friend that has Parkinson’s or even Arthritis? Maybe they just have shaky hands? I personally have shaky hands and a touch of arthritis so bracelets are really difficult.  Sue’s Bracelet helper is so easy to use, such a simple

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Tropical Traditions ~ Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Review & #Giveaway

I was so happy to be able to review this product. I, like many others, am always looking for natural products to cook with. This oil has been great to cook with, I have made many different dishes and found that there is no negative taste left behind. No flavor change of any of the foods I have cooked.  The most noticeable difference is the scent while your cooking with it, it is a different scent. Not a bad scent just a different one!

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Book Review: Beyond schizophrenia: Michael’s Journey & Giveaway

I have received this book from the Loving Healing press website.  I have begun doing reviews of books on their site as they are all helpful books.  This is my second book and I am amazed at this story. Image of book: Beyond Schizophrenia: Michael's Journey

Title:  Beyond schizophrenia: Michael’s Journey

Author: Susan Frances Dunham

Micheal J Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness wrote:

This is a powerful memoir that captures the struggles many families encounter in helping a loved on with mental illness. Susan Frances Dunham’s deep devotion to and support of her son are inspiring.

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Cook’n Recipe Organizer Review and Giveaway


I am super excited about this product! I applied for it a long time ago and finally was approved. I thought when I saw the product how helpful that would be for me as I really am not an organized person and this should make it easy to organize myself where cooking is concerned. :)  

I was amazed by Cook’n Recipe Software when  I received it.. You can do so much with it, organize shopping lists, have nutritional facts on each recipe, search the Internet for recipes and capture them, enter your own recipes and more.  I am super happy to have this and I am hoping it will help me get organized. The program is super easy to use and it will do everything but shop and cook for you.  Love it!! Also please know they do weekly contests on their Facebook page.

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Firmagen Review and Giveaway

I am pleased to be able to share this giveaway with you all. It is originating from a friends blog and she has graciously allowed me to carry it here for my readers as well.  Who doesn’t like a skin care product, right? 

Being over 40, my skin care is very important to me. I stay out of the sun unprotected, I use a daily skin care regimen and try to use only the best cosmetics.  Thankfully I was smart enough to realize in my 20′s that it was never to soon to start taking care of my skin.  At 42, I am often told that I do not look my age and I love hearing that, who wouldn’t , right?

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Splash into Summer $250 PayPal #Giveaway

I have joined this giveaway that is hosted on Like A Bump on a Blog, by my friend Amberr Meadows. She has allowed me to carry this on my blog to offer you all a chance to win a great prize. Who doesn’t love cash?? Good luck to everyone!!! 

What a great way to start out the summer… Thanks Amberr Meadows!

To kick off the summer, I’ve decided to give my readers a chance to win $250 PayPal cash to make their summer a little brighter. To be eligible for the grand prize of $250 PayPal Cash, you must be active on Facebook and Twitter and complete all steps on the rafflecopter. Any missed steps will disqualify you from the running. Sorry for those that might be excluded, but there will be future giveaways without those…

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