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The Energetically Sensitive Soul

On my path of research on Clairsentient, I have found other information.  The energetically image of sun coming through a tree in wintersensitive soul… What does that mean to you??

Well to me it may explain a lot. I have always been overly emotional and at times full of rage. Severe depression most of my life and feeling others feelings or auras. I judge things and people by the feeling I get from them. I say the vibes that come off them, or the energy! How that item or person makes me feel, I can usually tell a good person from a bad person in an instant. I can’t explain how but I just feel it, I also feel needy people and negativity from people that is very hard to handle. This affects me deeply.

I listened to a radio show that intrigued me it was a simple interview but here is the link, if  you are interested go have a listen.

The Aware Show ~ Topic: Understanding Consciousness and the Energetically Sensitive Soul

If you go listen or have anything to add please leave me a comment.. :)

I will be writing another post on the clairsentient research soon, so watch for it. 


The Birthday Bash

Once again I am really excited to be helping out a blogger friend with her birthday bash giveaway  for her girls. She has some great prizes going out and you won’t want to miss this one! Lets all participate and make this a great event for her and her girls. Good Luck!! 

The Great Father’s Day Giveaway

It’s soon to be Father’s Day and what father wouldnt like this awesome prize pack. This is brought to us by Mom Blog Society and a group of other bloggers.  See the prize listed below and the details then below that enter to win with the rafflecopter form.  Good Luck! 

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