10 Famous People With Bipolar Disorder, The Price of Fame?

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I have looked around the internet for information on Bipolar Disorder and People with Bipolar to share with you all.  There are a lot of Creative people who have Bipolar whether it be Bipolar I or Bipolar II.  I wanted to share an article that just lists 10 well-known people who have Bipolar.  I liked this article found it interesting and thought you may also… 


10 Famous People With Bipolar Disorder

The Price of Fame? Image of Vincent Van Gogh


This article is from EverydayHealth.com








Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Image via EverydayHealth.com

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12 Responses

  1. Barry R. Silver (@barryrsilver)

    Thanks for sharing. I knew some of the people in the article were bipolar, others come as quite a shock. Any ideas about Jonathan Winters?

    • Hi Barry.. Yes Jonathan Winters is on the list of bipolar celebrities… you would be surprised who is.. I was shocked at Robin Williams.. never thought of him as having a mental illness but yet it almost makes sense.. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this article…I too was quite surprised by a couple of people on the list. I think this list will grow in time as more people “come clean” and let the world know about their condition. It’s a big decision to let people at work and beyond know of your condition. I’m glad the current people on this list have come forward. Eventually, the stigma will be reduced.

    • I have actually since found larger lists and am very surprised by how many people are on there.. Im so glad they have come forth and it will help a lot with the stigma of mental illness. Thank you for commenting

      • I “came clean” with my workplace and various people around me and it has been a positive experience. I know it’s not always the case and I’m very grateful for the support. It has made life a little easier to have people know the why’s of the idiocyncracies of working and living with a Bipolar person.

        • Good for you.. I have never kept it a secret not since I found out what it was.. I was so relieved to hear I was bipolar, ik weird right? I knew the way I was acting was not who I really was, I felt trapped by the illness and had no control. My rages were like out of body experiences and I felt like someone else had control over me and what I did.. very strange feeling. Now I feel in control.. even tho i have horrible days here and there… I can now be ME and its great lots of years of treatment and meds and lots of work on my part but Im happy now nothing like before!! :)

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  4. As someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1 I am so grateful to famous people who “come out” and explain to the world what the disorder does to them. This has had a great effect in reducing the stigma associated with bipolar disorder.
    The same applies to other people who have “come out” in respect of other mental disorders.
    As an ordinary person my experience is that life is easiest to live if you are open about your bipolar disorder.

    • hello and thank you leaving me a comment and visiting my blog! I agree I am very appreciative of the famous people and all the ordinary people for coming out and sharing this personal information. It will help reduce the stigma the more people are not ashamed of this illness or any mental illness. It’s beyond me why we would be ashamed of having any type of illness, it is not our fault, we didn’t contract it from bad behavior or anything. Sometimes I wish people would just get a clue. I have never hidden my illness.. I was actually relieved that I had an illness and I wasnt that horrible person everyone told me I was… Im actually not a Bitch.. hahaha What a relief! lol Anyway.. all that just to say I agree with you!! Thanks again.. :)

  5. That certainly made for some interesting reading. I’ve been a staunch believer in loving yourself as you are, rather than as who you’d like to be or how others would choose to see you. Knowing and accepting the Real You is one of the most liberating experiences of life… myself/mine included. Hope it will be for others, too. Life is certainly a work-in-progress!!

    • Life is always a work in progress, we all must remember that… I have to say you are correct Loving yourself for who you are and getting to know the real authentic you… Improve on who you are and what/who you want to be. It’s been my life long struggle but it’s amazing when you really know who you are and what you want from life…not to be searching for happiness but settling down enough to see its inside you. Choosing Happiness was the greatest gift I ever gave myself and the people in my life. I wish I would have arrived at it years ago, but I love life now with all the ups and downs that occur. It’s not easy but it is what we make of it.. Thank you for commenting here.. Your support is appreciated!

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